Before submitting your poem for the final assessment by judges, find out if it has the necessary attributes to win in the contest. Exceptional poems must provoke a response from the reader because they managed to communicate the poet’s message. Some elements assist poets in creating such poems. Listed are the signs that prove you have written a good poem.

Perfect Word Choices 

When creating a poem, every word affects its meaning and quality. Hence, a poet must work very hard to find the perfect words. Poems that win in free poetry contests have an exceptional command of syntax and diction. Each word supports the rhyme, form, and meaning of the content. That will enable the reader to enjoy its flow of rhymes and ideas.


When your poem tackles a massive idea, it is likely striking to the readers. To most people, such arguments are compelling, disturbing, intriguing, and meaningful. They convey a profound message that nobody is bothered to communicate. However, that doesn’t mean you should strive to create poems on complex subjects and topics. You can convey deeper truths from lighter moments too.

Elimination of Unessential

After creating the final draft, every word and punctuation mark must play a vital role in the poem. The poem must communicate a message without distractions. Thus, it should never have space for unessential words or punctuation marks. To remove the unessential effectively, you must commit to editing and re-editing the poem. That will boost its chances of winning the free poetry competitions.

Presentation of Ideas 

When putting their ideas on paper, poets have a variety of options to use. However, the best writers never choose a presentation form for their poems. They will allow their ideas to determine the choice of presentation. Such experts will write the poem to completion without bothering about its final form. Eventually, they will get an arrangement that suits their verse without forcing it.

Strong Emotional Reaction 

When you have written a poem that resonates with readers, they will have an emotional connection. Emotional reactions will reveal the genuineness of your verse. The judges can never ignore such pieces because they will connect with them too. Such poems will make the readers laugh, cry, or sing. You will win the free poetry contests because of these reactions.

Give a Vague Message 

Some of the exceptional poems are very elusive. They stimulate emotions and ideas, which the readers will find impossible to suppress. However, the author will not share his sentiments openly. He will make it vague. Thus, the poem will leave readers in suspense. They will develop imaginations regarding it. The judges love such poems.


Intellectual Reaction 

Poems that win free poetry competitions always stimulate an intellectual reaction in the readers. The readers will be amazed by the message. Hence, they will be thinking about the idea shared by the author via the poem. That will make it memorable to the readers. To create such a poem, a poet must be very thoughtful and creative too.




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