The foreign exchange market is currently the biggest financial market in the world. It makes up $5 trillion in average daily trading volume. It’s because there are more and more traders exchange these days. To support these traders in conducting their trading activities, forex brokers appear. Despite some unexpected risks, working with a broker can be very useful, especially for those who just start out as a forex trader. But recently, the number of forex brokers is growing in every hour, making it difficult to find out the best one. Here are some important factors that can help you choose the best forex broker 2018.

1.Regulatory Compliance

Regulation is the first and most important factor to determine which forex broker is the best. A reputable forex broker needs a license from trusted regulatory agencies to work. No trader wants to invest their money with a broker who has unknown or untrusted certificates. If a forex broker has a reliable license, this means that they’re credible. Some famous and trusted licenses of good forex brokers include:

●FCA (United Kingdom)
●NFA (United States)
●CFTC (United States)
●FSA (Japan)
●CySEC (Cyprus)
●ASIC (Australia)

These licenses are only given to big and international brokers. They can help protect their clients but can be territorial. For example, a broker that has NFA certificate cannot protect traders in Asia. But, having many certificates is not always good for a broker. In fact, a certificate can impact many interests of the broker. They have to offer higher transaction costs in the market and eventually get lower leverage. Certainly, higher spread, higher minimum deposit, and less trading tools can repel their traders.

In short, regulation or license can show the broker’s capability, standards, and reputation. So, trade with best forex brokers that have trusted the certificate.

2.Trading Volume

Trading volume is another important factor to consider when choosing the best forex broker in 2018. It’s simply the number of shares traded in a given period of time. The higher trading volume is, the more trusted that broker is. So if you’re a wise trader, choose a reliable broker with high trading volume.

Here are some big forex brokers and their monthly trading volumes.
●FXCM: $108 billion per month.
● $185 billion per month.
●Hot Forex: $280 billion per month.
●Exness: $323 billion per month.

3.Commissions and Spreads

Commissions and spreads are ways that a broker can make money. Usually, they charge commissions based on a specific percentage of the spread. For many traders, the best forex broker is the one that offers low or even no commission and spread. For this reason, if the brokers want to attract more traders, they need to keep their commissions and spreads as low as possible.

Here are the spreads of some big forex brokers (for currency pair EUR/USD)

●Exness, Hot Forex, and FBS: 1.1 pip or lower
●XM and FXTM: 1.7 pip

Commissions and spreads may depend on types of your accounts. For ECN accounts, they charge no spreads and instead make their money with commissions. Among all brokers, Exness is the king in this field. They offer the lowest price (about $2.5 for each lot). Read more about ECN brokers here.

4.Minimum Initial Deposit

For new traders and investors, the initial deposit is extremely important to consider before choosing the best forex broker. Very often, 90 percent of small and beginning traders fail and lose their money in the beginning. If you’re just starting out as a trader, do not put too much money in your account. Choosing a broker with a low minimum deposit can be a better choice for you. Here are some reliable options.

●Hot Forex: $5.
●FBS: only $1.
●Exness: only $1.

5.Withdrawals and Transfer System

Each forex broker owns specific withdrawals and transfer system. Your problem is to determine which broker’s policies meet your concerns. For example, internal brokers usually offer shorter withdrawal time, but they can be unreliable. Oversea brokers, on the other hand, are reliable, but offer longer withdrawal time. In this field, Exness is considered the best broker. They own the best withdrawal and transfer system with all automatic machine. Thanks to this, they can provide their traders with the best and fastest trading services.


Leverage is what traders need to consider before investing their money in the forex market. In fact, they love a forex broker that can offer high leverage. For some traders, the higher the leverage, the better broker. As mentioned above, certificates can restrict some benefits of a broker, including leverage. Due to territorial regulation, these brokers have to offer lower leverage. Brokers in Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States are some typical examples. So, don’t trade with brokers that have too many licenses. This can limit your profits.

Here are some of the best brokers in this field.

●XM: 1:888 top.
●FBS: 1:1000 top.
●Hot Forex: 1:1000 top.
●Exness: unlimited leverage.

This is only applied for a trader with an account size of less than $1000 and they have to trade at least 5 lots. For a trader with an account size of over $1,000, leverage can reach 1:2000 top.

7.Customer Service

Customer service is a vital thing to check before choosing a forex broker. As a new trader, you may have more problems so you need constant support and instruction. There are some good forex brokers that can offer good customer support. Exness, FBS, FxPro, and XM are typical brokers in this field. You can easily contact the broker whenever you need and they will support you.

The best forex broker can help you in some areas, such as:
●Assist in different languages
●Offer round-the-clock support

If you are a new trader, read this to know which account is the best for you.

8.Security and Transparency

Apart from regulation, security and transparency are also vital. The forex exchange market is a large and complicated trading place. There are lots of scam brokers that can cheat and steal your money. So if you trade with a broker, choose the one that provides their personal information and licenses. In this field, Exness and FxPro are considered the best forex brokers. They let their customers know all about them, including even their financial reports. To choose the best forex broker, you should access their website for information. Also, check their auditor's reports and the company's annual reports to be sure there is no scam or trick. For example, Exness reveals their financial status to their customers. Currently, their capital is 4 times more than their customer's deposits. So if you’re interested in trading with Exness, you shouldn’t be worried about losing money.

These above are 8 factors that help you pick the best forex broker in 2018. If you’re considering trading with any broker, check these factors to limit your risk in this market.

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