Creating a digital marketing agency can be one of the best ideas. To achieve this, it is only possible if they know how to adhere rigorously and thoroughly to the different strategic tools that marketing usually uses. Here are the 8 ways to create a digital marketing agency.

  1. Sometimes it is better to start with a product

Many new agencies make the mistake of being a firm that offers everything. The problem is that, unless you have good financial support, you will waste your resources and capital trying to sell and then present all these different services. Find the service in which you have more experience and become the best. This generates good dividends over time.

  1. Know your figures

To be successful, you need to have a good amount of clarity about what you want and it will take you to achieve it. Even if you do not see the full path to what you want, you need to know exactly how much of your products you need to sell, what it will cost to sell and how much it will cost to deliver it. This is something that is often said, but the truth is that if you do not know your internal and external figures, you are a blind general manager.

  1. Processes behind everything

An agency cannot scale without systems and procedures for every aspect of the operation. It is not enough to hire talented people and expect them to know what to do without a guide. You need specific policies and procedures that must be followed daily. That's not micromanagement, it's about equipping your team with the best practices and solid frameworks to execute your work.

  1. Sales above all

No matter how big your team is, you will always be involved in sales. Even when you have an office full of salespeople, you will still be the best seller you will always sell, wherever you go. Always have a selling mind.

  1. Avoid self-sufficiency

Once you have some success, it's tempting to relax a bit and not try so hard. Do not fall into this trap. If you want to keep growing, you cannot remove the decelerator request. You just have to know a speed and direction: always forward. Always think about your next goal.

  1. Hire the right people

When you hire people, the skills and abilities are important, but the personality is much more. Find people with whom you get along. The skills are taught, but the personalities never change.

Do not take the ups and downs personally. It's part of the business, especially for a digital marketing agency. There will always be problems to solve, if you do not create new problems, then you are probably not growing. Keep this in mind when hiring and letting go people.

  1. Take every opportunity to create connections

Your biggest and most frequent opportunities will come from meetings. Go to each event, conference and connect with each person in social media.

  1. Do not forget to promote your brand and yourself

Treat yourself as one of your clients. Your company can not grow if people do not know who you are. You must promote yourself, speak at events or highlight your success. Many times we spend too much time working on our clients' brands or neglecting our own. Always have time to build your own brand. In the long term, it's worth it.

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