The world venerates Shri Krishna and adores this deity day and night for good fortune, health and peace. People all across the country strongly believe in Krishna’s deeds and want to have an idol of Krishna in their homes to revere him day and night. Krishna is a companion in happiness as well as in times of sorrows when ones heart is filled with remorse. Devotees believe that the idol of Shri Krishna has the power to heel ones heart and soul. Therefore almost every Hindu house has a Krishna idol in puja ghar.

When a devotee brings home the idol of Shri Krishnna, there are several others things to be bought for complete veneration and decoration of the Lord. Besides buying the idol of Krishna, devotees also bring home beautiful accessories to decorate the idol, jhula singhasan bed for bal gopal, designer Thakur ji dresses and so on. Singhasan But before buying these all this, there are several things to be considered.

Here are 10 important things to be kept in mind while shopping kanha ji accessories online

  1. Premium QUALITY only!
  2. When it comes to buying accessories like jhula singhasan bed for bal gopal, one should never comprise on the quality of the accessories. Buy premium quality accessories for laddu gopal ji that will last long.

  3. A SIZE that fits your idol appropriately
  4. Even if one buys a beautiful and unique dress or jhula for kanha ji, perhaps if it doesn’t fit the idol properly, it’s of no use. So buying the right size is vital to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

  5. Exquisitely EMBELLISHED
  6. Be it a dress, accessory or a bal gopal jhula singhasan bed, buy the most attractive one to amplify the look of the idol.

  7. COMFORT comes first!
  8. Make sure to look for comfortable stuff especially while shopping Thankur ji ka jhula singhasan bed as the lord is placed in it for almost the entire day.

  9. MOSQUITO NET is a necessity
  10. Just as we require a protective shield while sleeping that gives us a sound sleep, the mosquito net for kanha ji is equally important and indispensible.

  11. PILLOWS that keeps the Lord at ease
  12. Soft and cozy pillows are a comfortable add-on to the bed for bal gopal that offers utter comfort to our Lord.

  13. Preferred MATERIAL
  14. SILVER, BRASS, WOODEN are some of the materials used to craft Kanha Ji Jhula Singhasan Bed. One can choose according to his/her preference, ensuring supreme quality.
    Cotton, satin, net are some of the materials used to tailor dresses for laddu gopal ji, all looks great on the lord.

  15. Evergreen COLOUR
  16. An evergreen is best to buy that can be used in every season.

  17. Affordable PRICE
  18. One should always go for affordable items when it comes to buying accessories for kanha ji as it gives him/her an option to buy more and change frequently.
    We all know that the lord is omnipotent and doesn’t require anything at all, however we as devotees can never reciprocate the amount of love we get from the lord except for offering him our devotion in the form of dressing his idol, embellishing him and celebrating the auspicious occasions with a pure heart and rituals.

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