A website copywriter knows that building trust is essential to any marketing strategy. No transaction can be performed without trust. In fact, without it, your business simply wouldn’t function. In internet marketing the trust element is intrinsically vital, web users have to overcome the trepidation of dealing with a business that may not exist in a physical sense.

Unless people trust you – they won’t use you. So, how can a business build trust and credibility on the internet? Image is everything and unless your business is presented in such a manner that promotes trust you will flop online. Here, I’ll explore how a website copywriter can help you to ooze credibility.


Your company website is your shop window. Keep it clean, shiny, with plenty of thinks to attract the attention of people who pass by. When visitors see typos, bad grammar, poor layout and lazy, neglected copy, you are not presenting a very good company image. If you present yourself poorly, you can hardly expect to gain trust, respect or authority in your field. The use of a website copywriter will ensure professional, well written, clear, concise and free from sloppy errors and mistakes.

Quickly Build a Rapport

To gain a visitors trust, you need to engage them in the first place. Do this by considering who your audience are and what they want. A website copywriter knows to give them what they want, directly addressing them throughout.

Be Subtle

People are naturally suspicious of anything that’s trying to sell them something. Avoid hyped-up, exaggerated language such as ‘the hottest, the greatest, the best, the ultimate.’ It is subjective and a proven turn off for prospective customers. Be factual and informative. Of course, you need to get your sales message across but when you do, don’t ram it down their throats - they’ll see danger signs.

Not too much Self Promotion

Once again, people are sceptical. If you try too hard they’ll begin to doubt your credibility. A good website copywriter will keep the focus on the user not your company. Don’t brag or boast unless you can turn it into a benefit for the customer.

Use News

Use content that cleverly disguise your sales message such as e-newsletters and press releases. People trust news sources more readily than they trust adverts. A professional press release writer can provide instant credibility to your business.

Empower your Customers to make their own Decisions

You do this by providing them with genuinely valuable, enlightening information. Let them make their own minds up, if you’ve done the job well, you can guarantee they’ll come back. Content marketing is not about self promotion, it’s about providing something of value to the consumer.

Start a/Use your Blog

Blogs are a vital, trust building tool. They offer the opportunity to present a company voice and personality. People are much more likely to trust your website if it has a human presence. Blogs are a great way to build customer relationships after an initial visit too. Keep them coming back for more by providing valuable information – this will encourage trust and loyalty. To enjoy these rewards you must fully commit to your blog, the technique only works if posts are regular and consistent. If you just don’t have the time, many website copywriters offer blog content writing services too.

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Don’t Underestimate your Customer

In today’s world consumers are internet savvy so don’t treat them like they’re stupid. Visitors are not so easily taken in by marketing ploys or clever adverts. If they don’t like what they see, they’ll hit the back button, rapidly. They know there are probably hundreds and thousands of other sites out there offering the same or similar products/services. Once you’ve done the hard work to get your visitor, don’t blow it by insulting their intelligence.

A Website Copywriter can seriously help to improve your conversion rates by these implementing proven strategies and techniques.

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