Do you often compliment your spouse verbally?
“Why should I,” you may be wondering.
“I cook the meals, clean the car, and contribute my hard-won check to help pay bills. These are great statements of appreciation. Why should I say sweet things to my spouse too?”
Appreciating your husband or wife verbally, regularly, will make him or her feel good about you on a regular basis. Your spouse will show good will towards you often. So, your connection as a couple will continue to be strong.
So practice constant complimenting after you marry. Here are some sweet things you can say to your spouse regularly.

• The fire in your love is warm and comforting.
• My body cries out for your body.
• You bathe the world and this house with pure light when you walk around.
• Honey is sweet and so are you.
• My blood runs warm in my arteries whenever you hug me.
• You changed my world when you came into it.
• They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but when I am in your presence my heart grow fonder.
• At the end of the day I think of only one person called YOU.
• I can resist all temptations but you.
• I am writing a blog post and the title is, “My wife, the best woman in the world.”
• The best thing I hold onto in life is you.
• You have made me understand the how and what of love.
• Just call my name and I’ll be there.
• If you need help, reach out to me and I’ll be there for you. And when you need a listener, never hesitate to come to me because I will give you three ears—my two physical ears and the ear of undivided attention.

• When you agreed to marry me, it was the death of my singleness and the precious key that opened the door of paradise on earth.
• You are always in my heart and in my mind.
• If I had to choose between owning the world and having you, I would make you my whole world.
• The sun rests when you step out because you give people warmth.
• Delicious you are.
• Because of you I live reasonably ever after after our marriage.
• You are always changing for the better. Tell me the secret.
• Everybody needs a safe place and my safe place is being with you.
• With you I am happy and joyful and content.
• Your heart is open to me and so I will open up my heart to you.
• Whenever you hug me I am lost in you.
• Every day my heart dances in my bosom because of your tender loving care.
• Take my hand and let’s dance into our future.
• I searched long for happiness and that search ended when I married you.
• I will do my best to ensure the magic of love in this marriage will never be lost.
• I will remain committed to you and this marriage until the inevitable happens.

• With you I celebrate valentine every day.
• I can still not believe that you, the most wonderful human soul, are mine.
• You have showed me that the happy couple is not a myth.
• Devotion is your second name.
• You have helped me to understand what true intimacy means.
• You are a true companion.
• Your care dries my tears and dispels my fears.
• Whenever you hold my hand, you fill me with courage to face tomorrow.
• I can brave any storm with you by my side.
• Lovely nurse, I thank you that you nurse me with kindness.
• Your passion keeps me warm on winter nights.
• To come home in the evening every day to swim in your love again is my one desire.
• You sacrificed everything for me to make a lonely soul so happy.
• I will give you all that I can give.
• I promise to give you a future full of dreams.
• Enduring, lasting love, that’s what I promise you.
• I love you more than I love myself.
• I bless the day I met you.
• Being true to you and living by truth will be my surname forever.
• In good times I will be there for you and in bad times I will comfort you.

• My love will grow brighter with each day.
• In sickness I will be your “home-based doctor”.
• Thank you for helping to transform this house into a home.
• I promise my present and my future to you, to put your happiness ahead of mine.
• I will risk anything just to put a smile on your face.
• I am glad you were around when the bad days came around for I don’t think I could have handled it without you.
• My night turned to day the first time you told me you loved me.
• Your life is a beautiful light.
• I can see your love shining even in the daytime.
• I know there are more surprises and thrills in this adventure because of you.
• You are my life, my wife.
• Husband, I promise to ban unforgiveness from my heart.
• You leave me breathless anytime you undress.
• Your conversations are compelling.
• I cherish the fact that you don’t keep score when we have fights.
• It is astonishing you are so open to feedback when we have differences.
• If one paid royalty for loyalty, I’d owe you trillions of dollars by now.
• I appreciate the fact that you realize I am fallible.
• You color each day red.

• Darling, thank you for spending this time with you. You could have done a million other things, but you chose to talk with me. I am grateful.
• Sweetheart, I am grateful that you’ve never cheated on me. I appreciate it and I resolve never to cheat on you.
• What can we do to improve this marriage?
• What can we do to resolve our conflicts better?
• What gift can I give to you today?
• Thank you for helping me to deal with the stress of our marriage.
• Honey, thank you for this wonderful lovemaking session. Thank you that you not neglect me emotionally.
• You are like a sweet, sweet melody that’s played in a love song.
• Your glance is the best of rays that surrounds me.
• I love to view your radiant brows which weave a wreath of hope.
• You are the star that makes me feel refreshed when I come home tired.
• Often in my waking dreams I live again the most precious, blessed moment in my life—the day I met you.
• With every breathe I take my heart grows fonder of you.
• You are a sweet stream that winds through the glade of loneliness.
• You are the gentle bosom to which I can pour my secret heart of woes.

• I promise you a tender heart and a loyal mind.
• My earthly comforter, your love is so indefeasible.
• Where would you like me to make you a bed of roses?
• You are my yellow rose, unique and intriguing.
• I will keep loving you for more than a century.
• Your views on this marriage and how we can make it better mean so much to me.
• I feel as though I’ve always been related to you.
• Let’s keep it simple and uncomplicated.
• You are the dictionary of love, you help me to understand the meaning of love.
• An understanding spouse is another synonym for your name.
• Together, we will have victory over all challenges we will face in this marriage.
• My support, I promise to support you too every step of the way.
• I will never treat you with contempt.
• I assure you I will never “marry money”. I will not value making money more than spending time with you.

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