The Center for Disease Control estimates 10-20% of Americans get the flu during flu season. The flu is a virus. Some viruses can live anywhere from 20 minutes up to 2 hours or more on surfaces like doorknobs, computer keyboards, phones, money, desks and cafeteria tables. You can pick up these viruses by simply touching those surfaces with your hands. The tops and palms of your hands can contain hundreds to thousands of germs, particularly under and around fingernails, where even thorough hand-washing fails to adequately reach. Adults touch their faces more than 15 times per hour (children many times more!). Every time you touch a virus-infested surface and then touch your own eyes, nose or mouth, you have successfully auto-inoculated yourself with that virus!

If I have sufficiently grossed you out, I want to share some common sense strategies to protect yourself and your family from any virus – including this swine flu virus that we are hearing so much about. First of all, as believers we are commanded throughout scripture to resist fear. Fear is extremely destructive! This is more critical than perhaps you realize.

Your emotional state powerfully affects how your body responds to a virus. If you are feeling toxic, negative emotions stemming from fear, peptides will flood the surface of your cells and change the receptors making the cells more permeable. Any virus that happens to be sitting on the outside of the cell can then easily slip in and make you sick. There are two important types of emotions: positive faith-based emotions and negative fear-based emotions. Each has its own set of emotional molecules attached to it. Faith and fear are not just emotions. They are spiritual forces that cause chemical and electrical reactions in the body, directly impacting bodily function and health.

Fear alone can create the conditions in your body that cause you to “catch” the flu or any other virus by weakening your immune system at the cellular level! Obviously, God knew this and He graciously provided 365 verses in the Bible that tell us “do not fear” or “fear not.”

Now, let’s get down to the other specific strategies. These are the common sense things you can (and should!) do all year-round, not just during flu season:

1) Get adequate sleep and rest daily. Research shows people who get adequate sleep are 550% less likely to contract a virus!

2) Avoid all processed foods and particularly refined sugars as sugar is known to depress the immune system. Focus on fresh, organic produce, clean protein and whole grains. Keeping your inner environment alkaline will enable your body to successfully fight off any nasty invaders you may encounter.

3) Stay adequately hydrated – drink enough water daily. The basic minimum formula is one-half your body weight in ounces daily. If you drink caffeinated or alcoholic beverages or you perspire heavily, you must increase this amount.

4) Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly throughout the day. Practice good hygiene including not sharing cups, bottles, utensils, covering your mouth, etc.

5) Practice stress-management daily – prayer, meditation, faith confessions, deep breathing – whatever works for you.

6) Avoid saturating yourself with fear messages. For me, that means, severely limiting the time I spend watching or listening to the “news.” You would be surprised how powerfully those negative messages impact your health.

7) Have your vitamin D3 levels checked and make sure they are at an optimum level. Supplement with vitamin D3 daily and up your intake when you feel a cold or any viral infection trying to take hold.

8) There are some very good natural supplements you can use, in addition to the vitamin D3 to keep your immune system working efficiently and also when you feel a cold or flu coming on. Visit and click on Purium Health Products. Vir-u-sure is an excellent product that will help you avoid catching viruses.

9) Try hydrotherapy in your daily shower. Simply switch from warm/hot water which dilates blood vessels, improves circulation and speeds elimination of toxins to cool/cold water which stimulates the body and increases oxygen use in the cells. Just be careful not to make the switch too drastic or shocking to your system.

Don’t panic. There are simple, basic keys to staying healthy. Use wisdom and common sense and you and your family can avoid falling prey to swine flu or any virus that happens to be going around.

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Ann Musico is a Certified Biblical Health Coach. She has developed a "3-D Living Program" based on God's principles of health and wholeness. Visit her website at to learn more about the "3-D Living Program," her various coaching packages, products and to subscribe for her free monthly 3-D Living Newsletter and e-books.