There Are No Other Options!

We are all one with our creator, our source and our God. With this one and only truth we are what our Father is. We cannot be different because we cannot be separate .This is what oneness is all about.

If our creator is totally healthy, we must be totally healthy. If He is totally abundant in wealth, we must be totally abundant in wealth. If he is always joyful, happy and secure we must be the same. There are no other options for us. We can think and believe totally that options and alternatives exists but it is only in our dream of illusions and illusionary reality that they could ever exist. Never in true reality will they exist for options have never been created outside of or within the one pure consciousness that is our source. Nothing has been created outside of it for it is omnipresent and therefore we and everything else that has ever existed exists only within the one mind and one consciousness of our abundant creator and source.

Mankind's problem is its total thought and belief in separation because it is only with this belief that all of our illusions can seem to survive and be real. Once we stop believing in this insane thought then our world of duality and opposites will cease to exist. Scarcity will be replaced with abundance. Illness will be replaced with complete health and sadness with total joy.

Believe totally only in oneness, regardless of everything that you may think you see around you and everything you have ever wanted will be manifested into your thoughts and dreams. It will become real because it is the ONLY true reality that there ever was or ever will be.

The belief in oneness is not in conflict with reality as many think. In a very basic sense if you and I have a son or daughter this child is not separate from us. The blood that runs through their veins is ours. Their face, hands, feet, hair and genes are all part of us. Their laughter and smile reflects their parents. If we are wealthy, our children will share in that wealth. If we are healthy they will be healthy. So in this illusionary world of duality and separation oneness still exists if ever so elementary. Now think of the world of God, if we are His creations and are part of His thoughts the supreme joy and abundance of being one with Him is almost beyond our ability to comprehend. Can there be anything less for His own children than complete and total singularity of positivism and abundance every second of every minute of every day?

Command the universe today to show you your complete inheritance of health, wealth and joy. You are not asking for anything that you don't already have but only what has been given you by your creator. Command the universe and in that act you are affirming who and what you really are and the abundance will begin to flow into your life. Stop thinking and believing in limitation and separation. Think and believe now only in oneness and abundance for this is your only true reality.

Enjoy your abundance that has been waiting for you for so long. It has always been there for your taking and experiencing. You only have to accept who and what you are and in that acceptance heaven will be yours forever.

P.S. Once you finally accept who and what you really are your life will change forever for the better ....because you will stop fighting against yourself and ACCEPT the glory and divinity within. You will start to forgive yourself not for what you did but for the illusions of what you thought you did.

Author's Bio: 

RL VanWaldick is a professional businessman and spiritual author living in new york state, usa. He has written his famous book, A Reversal of Thought, that can be found on amazon as well as on his own website at