This is a plea to all Americans - not a political statement or commentary. I am an Australian and live in one of the most beautiful and free countries in the world. We have one of the highest standards of living in the world, free health care, exceptionally high standards of education available for every child, one the highest literacy rates in the world, and the lowest poverty. The USA does not. Not anymore, at least. Why, does one ask?

However, there is something you have that I don't - the right to vote in November 2008 for the next Leader of the Free World. I live in the Free World and he will be my leader too, but I can't vote for him.

In the US, one in five children are born in poverty, it is ranked 49th in literacy in the world (there are only third-world countries lower than that) and you have no national health care and poor standards of nation-wide education. Twenty years ago, when I was very young, I believed that the US had it all - and I think you did. But what happened??

Here in Australia everyone votes for their leader - and that's why I think Australia is now surpassing the US with its higher standard of living. Most Australians are what we call 'swinging voters' now. That is, we don't absolutely adhere to one party forever - we vote for the party and the leader who does the right thing by us - not the other way around.

America, you have the future of the world in your hands. Use it wisely. Please, please go out and vote for the leader who will lead our world away from war, global warming crises, and ensure that your country does not go bankrupt - because we want you to be strong.

If the Iraqi War continues, the billions of dollars that drains your economy can sadly send your country bankrupt. If the US goes bankrupt, who be the next Leader of the Free World - and will it still be free, and will we still be speaking English??

If you're worried about paying higher taxes and voting primarily on that issue - please don't. You're going to have to pay them eventually anyway. If you're voting on the US 'family issues' policies, then please consider the bigger picture at this stage. There's more at stake for you here and now, and for your children’s future. There is a real and present danger for the US on all levels, domestic and otherwise.

If you don't intend on voting, then put a vote in for me. Be my surrogate voter. Your leader is also my leader in the broader sense, and if you don't care about politics then think about creating a brighter and safer future for all the children of the Free World.

Please, if you are willing, put a ballot in the voting box for me in the first week of November 2008. Of course, I'm talking about Barack Obama and the Democrats, but this is not about taking political sides. It’s about the issues - and everyone's long-term welfare.

I thank you.

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Copyright © Ann M Marosy 2008. Ann Marosy is an Australian author, freelance journalist, consultant, and former university lecturer. She was formally the Financial Controller of the Fortune 500 Company, Jardine Matheson, and Finalist of SA Executive Woman of the Year.

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