Negative Self-help, Subhumans and Acting Abnormally…What Is It? It’s a hard-hitting, tell it like it is, no holds barred revolutionary approach, with solutions, to why most people fail at self-improvement and motivation attempts. SAD, but true, the more attempts made the less effective next attempt becomes.

Subhumans are the meanest people, and we all know Mean People Suck, that can be imagined. Contrary to popular belief, only 5-7% of population is Subs. They have created the “Subweb” - daily society - including all its Ills; the most common ills are cheating, greed, lying, backstabbing, intimidation, bullying and stealing. Additionally, lesser actions caused by the ills such as pushy drivers; overbearing bosses; rude and aggressive sales and service people; obnoxious mates and children; inconsiderate co-workers, etc. seem to be everywhere.

One interesting fact. Even though we witness these ills daily the majority of people are not Subs. WHY?

Because! We function in the “Subweb” and sometimes acts like Subhumans. Each of us has the potential and has used one or more of these behaviors. In fact, so many people are using these behaviors they have become the Norm. Using Sub behaviors gives a sense of Power making us think we are getting ahead - for the short term some do. BUT! When we act outside our innate personal bounds we drain our Energy. This is a major reason many can’t achieve prosperity, happiness and the spiritual growth that is our Universal Right. At a deep unconscious level, mental processes are trying to justify our cunning and devious acts. For example, if we steal someone else’s work to get a promotion or raise and we are not Subhumans, it drains our Energy; eventually these acts work against our self-help and motivational attempts.

“If you control your Energy, you control your life.”

Said another way, “Who ever controls your Energy, controls you.” NOW! Who is that person going to be? Be on Guard, because there are Subs or wannabe Subs wanting to control your energy for their purposes. Don’t let this scare you…this negative can be turned into a Positive by “by-passing” your “Subweb” conditioning, tricking your mind and Tapping the Limitless Inner Power you were born with.

It’s very simple; all that’s happened is Subweb conditioning has installed in you some limiting beliefs. “I can’t do it.” “I could never be that successful.” “I don’t deserve to be happy.” Get the picture. Subweb creates Limits to steal your Energy…they exist only in your mind…NO WHERE ELSE!

These are exciting and scary times, but also growth and prosperous times. Never before has there been so many opportunities to achieve so much. Remember, “We are born to win, but conditioned to lose.” With this in mind, do you seem to go from one chaotic mess to another feeling awful most of the time…read on.

This is actually a Positive Growth Feeling coming from what appears to be pain. Managing Chaos is crucial to becoming the best “YOU” possible. Don’t despair; Negative Self-Help provides you with a Treasure Chest of never-before-used Tools to help. Like the 5 Stage Growth Cycle identifying the Edge of Chaos and what to do, a 65 Question Profile that helps you select the right mate and job area. There is even an Emotional Maturity instrument to help when you do dumb things and don’t know why. Very important is a Human Filters Tool helping to identify all your Limiting Conditioning. Discover also My SOSb (Stamp Out Subhuman behavior) Plan, for individuals and families, topped off with Subhuman Certificates for an Instant way to eliminate Tension and Anger at Subhuman actions. All these tools and more free your ENERGY to experience more success, happiness, spiritual growth or all three. NOW! Start Acting Abnormally!

Author's Bio: 

Artist and co-author of Planet of the Subhumans: A Negative Self-Help Book," Catt Smith is the designer of Oh My . . . Cards for the Wee Ones! Working as a librarian for many years, Catt developed a demanding, but very creative outlet by performing for children at "storytime." She dazzled both children and adults alike with her artistry and story telling abilities through the whimsical antics of her persona …”Granny Smith!”

Hal Smith: Co-author of Planet of the Subhumans: A Negative Self-Help Book. Enthusiastically training and coaching individuals in sales & personal development for over 25 years!

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