As within, so without...

What we see reflected in our external reality is a reflection of our internal (spiritual) reality. As the current civilization experiences an orchestrated economic depression, many people are bringing a lot of their attention toward finances and the apparent (appearance-based) loss of material wealth they perceive around them. The planet's resources and the amount of material possessions present has not had any sudden dropoff... what has occured is a rapid shift in perception triggered by the sudden retraction of credit (debt) being offered and the accompanying rapid shift in how people place monetary value upon material items such as homes, cars, appliances, and investments.

If we are not mindful of our reaction, then all of this occuring can serve to bring our attention outside of ourselves and lead us to attach our value more to external things than our internal development. Most of the planet's population lives with limited material possessions, yet don't perceive themselves in an impoverished manner... their lack of material assets or bank account entries is not relevant to them in the way many people accustomed to having their personal value attached to the apparent external wealth are viewing present circumstances. So, if you are perceiving yourself as lacking abundance and prosperity, then that is a reflection of your own feelings of self-worth. If you perceive someone else as impoverished, that may also be a reflection of your own feelings of self-worth, since it's your perception, not theirs'. Nothing in your reality has meaning beyond your own perception and experience of it... so use the mirror of what you see reflected in your life as a catalyst to transform your own consciousness.

Our current civilization is one enshrouded by debt. Citizens have frequently placed themselves in great debt by acquiring material possessions that they believe will give them a sense of value, status, and happiness. They attached those feelings and their own value to those external possessions, which of course they didn't fully possess anyway if they had debts. The society became one focused on consumerism and materialistic gadgets and diversions. Now, when these external illusions of value are being pulled away from many people there is a psychological and spiritual identity crisis that unfolds. Who am I now that I don't have a nice house, new car, fancy clothes, etc.? This is a time of great stress and challenge for many. However, as Howard Martin states "stress is an untransformed opportunity for empowerment." Once the temporary, fleeting representations of value are pulled away we have an opportunity to look within and find our true value and our real spiritual power. Once we realign with that priceless core of our essence, the economy and other dramas of the world will fade in significance... all the value and abundance that we already have will become more apparent to us and then we become more open to receiving the external flow of abundance. The external appearance of economic collapse, from a Soul perspective, is a needed catalyst for those beings that are ready to realign their values and priorities to focus more on spiritual growth and finding value and power within themselves.

So, rather than focusing attention on the current drama of economic depression, I encourage readers to accept the current situation as an opportunity for all present to transform their consciousness... there's nothing bad about what's happening and nothing to really fear. Find a place of peace, acceptance, and non-judgment of what is. There is nothing right or wrong about wealth or poverty... they are just experiences that we all go through as humans. Release any feelings of fear you recognize as you encounter your perception of circumstances in your life. Then, focus on appreciating all the inner abundance you have... your spiritual energy, your talents, your love, your wisdom, your compassion, etc. This will raise your vibration and you will soon be aligning with more people, situations, and opportunities that support your positive feelings and high self-valuation. Since we are in a time space realm, there is often a time delay between our shift in consciousness and energy and changes in our life experience. Yet, our planet is presently moving into a wave of higher-frequency energy that is fostering a speeding up of events and experience. People are noticing more rapid manifestation of their thoughts and increased signs of synchronicity. This is a great opportunity once you release the stress and fear about what seems to be unfolding in the material world!


Author's Bio: 

Jed Shlackman is a licensed mental health counselor with approximately 12 years of experience in providing counseling services. He is a graduate of the University of Miami, in Coral Gables, Florida. Jed is also a hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and practitioner of energy psychology and energy healing methods such as Psych-K, NMT, Theta Healing, Regenetics, and SomaEnergetics. Jed is the author of the metaphysical self-help guide "Consciousness, Creation, And Existence: A Guide To The Grand Adventure." He currently lives and works in Miami, Florida, offering sessions and classes for clients from the South Florida area and around the world.