Information Technology (IT) industry is one of the major areas of human activities. It has rapidly matured in relatively short span of time. More or less every one is taking advantages of IT and those who have yet not integrated IT in their work and life want to. Like any other industry, IT also has its own share of problems. One of the major problems IT industry and professionals are facing is called braindumps - questions and answers from an actual IT certification exam that leak out to those who are getting IT certification to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Braindumps are engaged in is an illegal practice that has seismic effects on all concerned. How is it illegal? Every candidates going for IT certification is required to sign non disclosure agreement not to leak the exam related information. But leaks still happen and it is these the leaks have given birth to braindumps providers who are mushrooming by days.

In IT Industry certification examinations Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are also known as 'Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs), Confidentiality Agreements, Secrecy Agreements or Exam Security Agreements. Whatever you like to call them, they all basically state the same thing, "Do not release the information provided to you on this exam."

Microsoft Non-Disclosure Agreement states, "You are expressly prohibited from disclosing, publishing, reproducing, or transmitting this exam, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, verbal or written..." Hence, examinees who take a Microsoft exam agree not to reveal any of the content of the exam in any form. This is a legal bond. Similarly, Cisco's Confidentiality Agreement (pdf) also put legal bond on examinees.

Many certification providers have implemented NDAs to prevent examinees from stealing their information and passing on in mass. Prior to taking any certification exam, it is required that examinees sign the NDA. But given the rapid growth of braindumps, this is not enough.

What can be done to when examinees violate this bond and feed the information to braindumps? This is a collective problem of the IT industry and should be tackled collectively at all levels.

No one should opt for braindumps certifications in the first place. It is illegal, unethical and debars anyone from learning. Anyone who has an idea of any such violation should blow a whistle and report them. Individuals own this to the IT industry where they belong.

Why is it then that so many individual these days refuse to rely on experience and actual hands-on training, hard work and opt, instead, for braindumps in order to pass the test? Tests do change - and many exams have sets of thousands of questions that could be selected from to populate in any particular exam. If, in fact, a particular braindump has the correct questions and answers - you would have to memorize hundreds if not thousands of questions and answers just to ensure you knew everything. I can assure you that similar time devoted to hard work and studying the material can bring similar results?

We all need to have a bit more pride in ourselves by truly knowing the entire curriculum?

At the same time, IT industry needs to have Zero Tolerance Policy toward braindumps. Those who get IT certification and or support the use braindumps in any form or ways should be black listed from IT community. I am against any type of censorship but I suggest all braindumps sites should be shut down and excluded from search engines searches. (Imagine the results brought out by any search engine using words like Braindump, brain dumps, braindumps, or dump.)

The main responsibility to stop this menace lies with the Industry giants who are also certification providers. They need to make a conscious effort to defeat any effort against their systems. They need to guard their name and come up with a solution to defeat braindumps. There are many ways to do that.

The best would be to divide certification exams in different parts; theory can stay online and practical may be conducted in examination centers in different places around the world. Students who qualify the theoretical portion may be invited to those centers where they should take the practical exam and prove their skills in a particular product and or application. Some of the websites and forums have already added filters to block the usage of the names of such websites and some others are doing good jobs to create awareness about this trend.

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