I had a conversation last week with a client who was waiting
around for her inspired action. We laughed a little
because we both knew this process isn't at all about
"waiting around" for anything.

Once we stopped laughing, it became that there is a distinction
to make when it comes to what inspired action really is.

I think there is a myth flying around that inspired action is some
mystical guidance that will come to us "when we are ready." This
reminds me of a great story in the equally great book,
"Eat, Pray, Love." The heroine is on her bathroom floor in the
middle of the night begging God to tell her what to do next
to get out of the miserable life she created. And the guidance
did come, it told her to "go back to bed" - Friends, this is
inspired action.

Inspired action is simply any action that feels good and
makes the most intuitive sense at the time. The only thing
mystical about it is that it feels good and most of us are
so use to our actions feeling like "have tos" or "shoulds".

Remember, it is not what we are doing that creates, it is our
state of being while we are doing it. So inspired action could
be taking out the trash, or going for a walk on the beach or
calling that person that just popped into your mind. It is doesn't have to be some huge sweeping life altering action, although it could be, just don't wait for it.

So, how can you remain open to inspired action? Be WILLING to
know what action you want to do next and then don't second
guess it when it comes in.

Go ahead, say "I am willing to know what action I want to take
next" and see what comes up!

Have fun!

Author's Bio: 

Doreen Banaszak is a teacher, author and coach who left a 15-year corporate career to create the life and business she really wanted. Through her teaching, writing and coaching, she has been instrumental in helping people to create the lives they really want, not the lives they think they "should" have. Find out more at www.excusemeyourlifeisnow.com