Have you been feeling pressured, worried or overwhelmed by responsibilities and financial concerns? There’s an old saying: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”.

Here are seven suggestions that if accepted and applied will help you gain control of your focus and time, and open the door to living a more relaxed life:

1. Take a Deep Breathe! It Works!

Rather than listen and hold court on all of the catastrophic predictions being blasted out into the Universe, stop for a moment, and simply be with yourself. Deep Breathe and you will loosen the tension in your joints. Remind yourself several times a day of how good it feels to be calm. If you make time to relax and rest, you will slowly break free from routines that distract and upset you. Relaxing goes hand in hand with turning within for wisdom and guidance. Put on some music! As you deep breathe and relax your body on a daily basis, not only will you calm down, but you will discover inner resources that live within the depths of your being.

2. Stop Looking for a Red Pill!

Instead of looking for a quick financial fix, find ways to release frustrating energy. Re-connect to your self-worth not just your net worth. Now is the time to become creatively responsive – not aggressive. Develop patience, perception and persistence as you learn to walk through a storm with your head held high! Every time you learn something new from a challenging situation, congratulate yourself. Remember, it is helping you to grow into an empowered being.

3. Design a Fabulous Money Blueprint and Transform Your Fears!

Feast your eyes on your inner lighthouse (mental blueprint) until it motivates you to take action towards its realization. Tap into your courage moment by moment and your doubts will dissolve. Encourage yourself to move out of your comfort zone and keep going no matter how bleak the situation appears. Nothing can stop the fulfillment of your dream except an opposing belief.

4. Cultivate Play Dates. Laugh and Have Fun!

There is a line in the play “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” that goes like this. “You have to laugh, especially when things aren’t so funny.” Laughter is the best medicine. Did you know that children laugh around four hundred times a day? How often do you laugh? The point is that we all need to replenish ourselves. Do you value leisure time or is it a thing of the past in your lifestyle. Recreation helps us surrender all unnecessary pressure and demands that we place on ourselves and those we love. Fun is essential in the maintenance of health. Consider creating some fun time to express your talents and abilities in a hobby, sport or artistic endeavor.

5. Learn to Focus on the Good that You Are Receiving. Experience the Moment. Start Living Now!

Instead of multi-tasking or concentrating on problem after problem or talking about what you are losing, get in touch with the present moment and focus on everything good that you are receiving. Last year while having lunch in Mexico, I had a conversation with a woman that left its mark. She said, “You know Melissa, if you practiced a little every day, I bet you could become a great receiver of the Universe's gifts.” That comment has helped me live more in the moment and now I enjoy spending time giving thanks and acknowledging small gifts – an unexpected phone call, hearing good news about a friend or family members recovery, looking up at the sky, smelling a rose, or receiving an unexpected invitation. Right this minute a bird arrived on my window sill and he is chirping and singing his song. I have to stop and laugh. You see it doesn’t matter what it is—what matters is that you focus on receiving. Feast your mind on what makes you feel good and give thanks that you are growing into a receptive, empowered receiver of Life’s generous gifts.

6. Reach Out to Others.

Take a moment and think of someone who has been there for you. How did it make you feel? Do you consider yourself wealthy in friendship? Are you rich in love, truth principles, humor, good ideas and or forgiveness? Share your compassion with those who are panicking over the world economy and wondering how they are going to cope with change. Let them know you care. I did not say sympathize with them but rather inspire them to shift into a new perspective - regardless of the financial storm. You never want to go down to the level of anyone’s problem and vibrate (identify) with it, rather seek to uplift others through creative ideas, kindness and humor. It works. A month ago I received the most beautiful bouquet of flowers with an unsigned note. It brought me joy for days! Be creative. Pick up the phone, plan a pot luck dinner, send a note, flowers, or even an e-card and thank someone for being in your life. The more you give from your heart the more you will receive. Try it. Reach out and let someone know that you care and you will light up the Universe.

7. Set Your Priorities Because You Are Powerful.

Life consists of making decisions and choices. Instead of getting hysterical or rushing with the crowd, stop, breathe, and turn within to your own wonderful imagination. You must decide what is most important to you. Now may be a good time to set a new course, let go of what needs to be released, navigate through the current up’s and downs of world events with hope, or simplify your life and grow spiritually. I know it’s not easy to break or make a new habit. But it is possible to achieve it if you have a dream or a desire to expand and grow.

I want you to remind you that you were born to express riches in all aspects of your life. Isn’t it time that you became aware of your birthright to live the abundant life? Take time to invest in your most important asset - you. Do this and in time you may discover that the Universe will mirror a wonderful gift right back at you.

If you find yourself in a rut and feeling hopeless in the midst of the financial melt down and you really want to lift yourself up by the bootstraps and get on the road to true prosperity, now is the time to discover the power of your imagination and learn why you are always attracting or repelling the results you seek. Use your imagination wisely and you will become a living magnet to the wealth and success that you seek.

Housed within you is the code to succeed.

Your feelings are worth a fortune. They can link you to a world where all things are possible once your know How to Unleash the Power Within and Attract Money

Never close a door on a dream – your dreams are calling you!

Melissa Zollo

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