Next month I am hosting a group coach event honoring the work of Dewitt Jones' work Celebrate What's Right with the World. Well the first time I saw this movie, (and I've seen it dozens of times each time coming away with something new) the statement I heard that effected me deeply was "being the best for the world". Not "being the best IN the world", but "being the best For the world". Do you see the difference? Right now, writing this, I am realizing this one simple statement was so profound for me that it just might be the starting point of my personal spiritual journey.

How do we exemplify and magnify this in our lives? How may people would we positively effect if we came to life this way? How many business executives, government officials, educators, husbands, wives would do things a little differently if they embraced this way of being? Staggering to think about really.

I've come to know this for myself and try to think and act from the mantra each day. No I am not saintly and yes I sometimes fall down, especially with those most close to me. BUT and it's a big But (one T only please), each day I can do a little more and a little more.

I've heard this put a number of ways:
Serve and Be Served
Give to Receive
Random acts of Kindness
and I'm sure there are many more you might add. Now the question becomes How. How do we exemplify and magnify this in our lives. How do we live it?

Many of you, I know, have a great set of tools you use already, whether it's consciously or unconsciously. But to start any new way of being you must begin by making a conscious effort. Without this please don't start - you will only frustrate yourself and I know where that might lead. This letter is not about how to learn to beat yourself up, we already know how to do that. This article is about how to take some small conscious, deliberate steps to do things a little differently and then step back and notice the results.

Here are some very simple things you can do to easily and naturally move into "being the best For the world". Follow along and try a new one everyday - just one. Be aware of using it all day long, no matter who you talk with or interact with, just do it.

-Smile and say hello
-When you enter a building - take a moment to appreciate what's nice about what you see - then smile and proceed
-Think and ask - what can I learn from this person?
-Spend time with a family member or friend you have not talked to in a while
-Spend time with someone you've recently met
-Talk to your neighbor
-Step out and try something different or go somewhere you've never been (art gallery, local shops, drive out of the city and watch the stars appear)
-Deliberately make every thought full of kindness
-Deliberately make positive choices (about: actions, spending, feeling...)
-Offer help to elderly shoppers
-Hug someone with the intention of spreading love and peace
-Celebrate who you are - really feel what that is like

These are only my thoughts and you are welcome to use this list for yourself or use it as a guideline to make your own. Whatever you choose - is perfect.

There is one more step however. As with any changes we make it's good to know what the overall effect has been. So each night before you sleep - write your thoughts down.
How did doing this (whatever the 'this' is) make a difference to your day?
Who was affected by you actions?
What might you do to make it even better?
Recognize and put a word to how this feels (yes feels)
I leave you now to go about your days to be deliberate about who you choose to be. I wish you many successes with this. And maybe there are others who you think of that may want to try this with you. Send them this newsletter. Who knows after you've both followed this list, you might meet for that Christmas cheer and ask each other - what's next?

I wish you great cheer for this the season of giving.

In Joy,

Author's Bio: 

As a Life DESIGN coach and Director of Virtuosity Coaching Inc., Teresa Groendahl supports service professionals and teams to design ways and strategies to put their passions and strengths to work for them. Her clients realize their inherent potential and transform not only their professional lives, but, and perhaps more importantly, their personal lives. Through working together her clients get in control of their lives; reach financial and emotional freedom; create an effective agenda; and relax more enabling them to enjoy the journey.

For more than 25 years Teresa worked with people to create strategies for financial success. Now as a Certified Erickson Professional Coach and facilitator of the Leading from your Strengths® technologies she supports people to create abundance in all aspects of their lives.

No stranger to the challenges of juggling family, work and all the extras in between, she understands what it takes to do more than just survive. Through these challenges she finds opportunities for growth personally and professionally. The future holds many exciting things and as Teresa heads into the second half of her life she has been noted as saying “The first 50 years I have been in training, the next are for living fully.”