If you’re anything like most women, the very sight of a weight room reminds you of medieval torture. The combination of machines that resemble death traps, and grunting jocks that look like sweaty frogs is enough to send you running back to the safety and comfort of your own couch.

And ladies, that would be a huge mistake!

Weight training for women is the biggest trend in fitness today, and, believe or not, some of those weight machines can sculpt your body in "feminine" ways that you’ve never dreamed possible. Let’s review the best weight machines for women.

And before we dig any deeper, here’s a tip on how to choose the perfect weight limit for you. You want to select the amount that allows you to do eight to 10 reps because that’s the kind of workout that will allow you to really feel the burn. If you can do more than 10 reps without stress or strain, then the weight is too low for you. You need resistance. As you gain strength, you want to use this rule to readjust the weight higher.

To get rid of your cellulite and saddlebag thighs, the leg press machine is one of the best weight machines for women. Unlike doing freestanding squats or floor mat leg exercises, this machine lets you isolate the workout just to these problem areas - while you rest nice and snug in the seat. The key to this machine is NOT to lock your legs when you’re in the straight-leg position because you won’t be getting the most out of the exercise.

The cable tower is a great, all-in-one kind of machine that you can use to do all kinds of weight training workouts. Sit on the floor for rowing motions; do pull-ups making sure to pull the bar to chest height; or, lie on your stomach, hook the bar behind your ankles, and bring your feet up to your butt. Do you see the versaatility in this machine?

Most lat pull-down machines have several sets of grips on them. For a full back workout, do reps using all of them. Make sure your upper legs are parallel to the floor when seated for best posture, and make sure to hold the bar at your chest for two beats before slowly releasing back to the original position.

However, if you’re looking for weight training at home, the best weight machine is not really a machine at all, but a bench. They come in a variety of prices and styles; find the one that fits your budget and available space. Some come with dumbbells, and others come with full setups. Having a weight machine at home can certainly keep you inspired - but remember, it’s not a clotheshorse, it’s a weight machine!

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