We all know that exercise and diet are important to our health. But many people are unaware of the role our homes, gardens and offices can play in creating and maintaining a healthy body.

The ancient practice of Feng Shui, often called “the art of placement,” links your physical environment to all parts of your life, explains Linda Binns, owner of Harmony Inside & Out, which offers both Feng Shui consulting and holistic health services. “As energy, or ‘Chi,’ travels through your home, garden or office, it impacts your prosperity, career, relationships and health. Feng Shui allows us to focus on specific areas of the environment in order to optimize the flow of positive energy that relates to various aspects of our lives.”

Binns adds that “by taking a look at what is going on in the health area of your home, you can often make a direct association with a particular health issue.” The portion of your home that relates to health is located at the middle of the far left section of your house as you stand facing the front of the building. Once you locate this area, there are several things you can do to help encourage Chi to flow smoothly, resulting in better overall health.

One of the easiest steps you can take is to remove any broken items from your home, particularly from the health area. “Things that no longer work the way they’re supposed to, such as a stopped clock or a broken chair, can actually create health problems,” Binns says. For example, Binns says the broken chair could be associated with someone in the house experiencing back problems, especially if the chair is located in the home’s health area.

Because wood is the element most closely associated with health, and blue and green are the best color choices for creating harmony, incorporating these materials and hues into your home’s health area can be very beneficial. Binns recommends placing healthy, live plants on wooden stands as an easy way to bring wood together with greenery in this important portion of your home.

Another Feng Shui-inspired strategy involves decorating your health area with pictures or items that represent good health. Binns says that these items will vary from person to person because individuals associate different things with robust health. However, she cautions that exercise equipment will do nothing for your Chi (or your waistline) unless it is regularly used. In fact, putting a treadmill in your health area and then ignoring it could do more harm than good. “Unless you plan to regularly use your exercise equipment, get rid of it,” Binns says. Any unused items, including exercise equipment, are energy drains regardless of which portion of your home they reside in.

While your home’s health area is the place to start in using Feng Shui to improve your physical well-being, other areas of your home may also impact your health. “Remember, everything is connected,” Binns says. For instance, high ceilings, a rear entrance directly opposite the front entrance, a bathroom or stairway located in the center of the house, or stairs directly opposite the front door all tend to create energy drains that may result in fatigue for the home’s occupants. To remedy this, Binns suggests hanging a crystal in the problem area in order to create and circulate additional Chi.

It’s also wise to consider other causes of health problems and use Feng Shui remedies to help overcome them. Sleep deprivation, for instance, can certainly have a negative impact on your overall health. If you suffer from insomnia, it is a good idea to look at your bedroom and determine how you can improve its energy flow in order to promote a good night’s sleep. Some common causes of sleep problems include too many mirrors in the bedroom, colors that are too bright instead of muted and restful, pointed corners or objects that tend to create “energy arrows,” and items stored under the bed, which generate stagnant, negative energy that is absorbed by your body when you’re in bed.

Another thing to watch out for is excessive electromagnetic fields within your home. “Many homes and offices are affected by EMFs as we have more and more electrical equipment around us,” Binns says. A prime culprit in poor health could be the electric clock or radio beside your bed. “That’s a real health hazard,” Binns adds. “It’s amazing just how strong the emission of EMFs can be from things like electric radio/alarm clocks, telephones, radios, electric blankets, water beds, etc. And chances are you’re also surrounded by electrical equipment at work.”

By using Feng Shui to balance and harmonize your home’s energy, you can become healthier, happier and more prosperous. For more information or to schedule an individual consultation, go to www.harmonyinandout.com or call Linda Binns at (314) 995-1956.

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Linda Binns, a private practice Holistic Health Practitioner & Feng Shui consultant for eight years, offers consultations for homes and businesses. She is dedicated to helping people be aware of how they can maintain a healthy and natural lifestyle through natural healing methods and the environmental art of Feng Shui.

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