When I had my breast cancer I was totally alone. I craved for love, for human touch, instead of sterile and cold hospital rooms. I needed to be connected to something stable to keep me going. I knew that everyone is part of the Planet Earth and connected with the animal and plant kingdoms, as well as the spirit kingdoms. And that everything vibrates at a specific frequency. All of life is energy, and that is how people connect with each other and to all other life that exists on Earth – and with what many call God.

During my breast cancer I felt I was lacking the self love connection with my spirit. Therefore, my life was out of balance. Also I learned that when people do not love themselves, their energy is out of balance. They actually end up blocking the flow of energy that normally comes through them, and that energy is powerful.

Imagine a direct line that comes out from you, connecting you to the Universal Power. That is how we all connected to the universe. We are an inseparable part of the creative Universal Mind. We project our thoughts onto this omnipotent power, and cause this tremendous power to act on our behalf. The Universal Mind collaborates with us in creating our life. Each thought action and event in the universe are connected and constantly influencing each other. Each thought and action causes reactions and consequences repercussions.

Imagine trying to block the flow of water going down a great waterfall. That water, like this energy of which we speak, creates great resistance to being blocked. This same resistance occurs when people hold onto anger, or when they feel afraid. They block the natural flow of energy, and it causes their lives to become out of balance. When this energy is blocked people get sick.

Breast cancer is good example of the block of natural flow of energy.

When enough people live their lives out of balance, the puzzle falls apart.

All of society becomes out of balance. It is like the line of dominos, when one of them falls, the rest of them fall also.

When people are blocking the actual flow of energy, they feel like they are not part of a grand design, that their life is not significant and that they are not vital and beautiful beings. When they see themselves as “not fitting in” or being different, they become fearful, which takes them out of harmony with the whole puzzle.

The amount of fear they experience is directly proportional to how far out of balance their lives are, which in turn depends on the degree to which they are blocking this natural flow of energy.

LOVE is the energy of which we speak about.

Too often people who do not love themselves try to find love from others. They do not realize that nobody else can make them happy or even give them the feeling of love that they so desperately seek. It all has to come from within. We need to know that each person has a unique role to play, to fulfill his/her part of the puzzle, so that everyone loves himself/herself and each other unconditionally.

With my Unconditional Love to You,

Lea Yekutiel

Author's Bio: 

Lea Yekutiel turned her life around 180 degrees by changing her belief system and her attitude. This effort has involved 20 years of studying metaphysics and spirituality to learn what she now practices and teaches every day.

After healing from breast cancer, Lea considers her mastectomy experience to be a gift from God. Today, she helps cancer survivors in Southern California and beyond on their journeys toward recovery, peace, and happiness.

Through her inspirational speaking and writing, Lea hopes to help enlighten her audiences and readers to ways of taking control over their own health and healing.