How often do you register for classes and courses that promise to share success strategies and secrets to help you grow your business? How many books and products do you buy with the hopes of learning from experts in the field? If they're successful, they must know things you don't know or you'd be more successful, right?

Some of these trainings, courses and classes carry a hefty price tag ranging from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. And yet, people whip out their credit cards and yell, "Sign me up" because if the result is making more money, the short term investment is worth it. Long-term gains are compelling and the investment is justifiable if it delivers. That's the reasoning folks use to say yes.

I've signed up myself. I'm in favor of quality programs and products. I even promote them to my email lists, colleagues, and friends. Why not? If I find something great from a proven expert, why would I keep it a secret? I invest in acquiring knowledge and honing my skills all the time.

I sell my own products and programs too. I share what I've experienced and learned personally, and from my work with clients.

So, what's my point?

Just this........ investing in getting to know yourself well is key to any success you dream about. When the program or product offers personal development, transformation or spiritual growth, people are less inclined to make the time and financial investment in their own evolution and awakening.

How many times do you complete a program with the intention to follow all the steps suggested and all the strategies outlined? How long do you stay motivated and keep it up?

It's amazing to me how many people will come up with reasons why they hem and haw about paying for programs that will help them spiritually awaken, address self-sabotage, work with The Law of Attraction, eliminate negative thinking/beliefs, and experience greater personal happiness. Yes, some of these products and programs carry a larger investment in time and money.

There is a direct relationship with who you are on the inside and what you do outside in the world. Failure to see the value of investing in growing yourself as a person, as well as growing your business, will affect your outcome - guaranteed. You might be losing more than you can imagine.

~ If you have issues about being wealthy, how do you think that will affect your ability to generate and attract a lot of money?

~ If you have beliefs around unworthiness, how do you think that will affect your ability to have business success and personal happiness?

~ If fear is a driving force in your life, what affect will that have on your willingness to take action so that you can have the good stuff in life?

Forget thinking cost and begin thinking investment. I'm talking about making the long-term investment in YOU rather than using the short-term amount as a reason to say no.

~ If your own self-defeating beliefs and behaviors are sabotaging your efforts, achieving substantial results from any program or resource will be diminished.

~ If you are making decisions that are in conflict with your heart, values and spirit, guess how successfull and happy you'll be?

~ If you are consistently overriding your instincts and inner wisdom, how much peace will you be giving up AND at what cost to you?

Drop the " I can't afford it, it's too expensive, I don't have time, now is a good time..." excuses you use to sit on the sidelines and watch the world move forward.
If you need assistance to bust through some business and personal barriers, make the time and financial investment to buy, hire, borrow, barter.... for the people and things that will help you become unfettered from whatever is holding you back or keeping you down.

It's not rocket science.

It's your life. Aren't you worth the investment?

Author's Bio: 

Lorraine Cohen, President of Powerfull Living, brings more than 20 years experience in personal, spiritual, and business coaching, psychological counseling, and sales to thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders to have greater business success and personal happiness in their life. She is also the host of Powerfull Living Radio - compelling conversations on business, personal, and spiritual topics. Contact her for speaking engagements and customized leadership programs for your company or organization. Visit to learn more about Lorraine’s services, success products, and programs.