We all like being appreciated by our bosses, colleagues, and co-workers for what we do; no one likes being taken for granted. Appreciation is a small yet powerful gesture that leaves us with a smile, motivating us to keep on providing our excellent service.

Writing a short, yet effective business thank you letter to a partner who closed an important deal for the company, an employee who stayed overtime last night, or a customer who recently made a large-scale purchase, can work miracles in your business relationships, and boost your reputation in both the business and personal spheres.

The guiding principle is that the more attention you give it and the more personal you are (not too personal!), the more appreciated and effective your gesture. Thanking someone by hand-written letter is much more appreciated and noticed than a hastily dashed thank-you e-mail. Follow these guidelines to write an effective business thank you letter:

(1) A hand-written letter wins¯it reflects more personal attention.

(2) Use the recipient's first name in your greeting, i.e., "Dear Alice", again, for a personal touch.

(3) The body text should consist of no more than 3-4 lines.

(4) While there’s no need for formality, do take the time to phrase your letter.

(5) Thank the recipient again and sign your first and last name. Your letter should look like this:

Dear Joe,

“Wanted to express my appreciation for your contribution to closing the deal with Acme.”

What specifically did you appreciate?
“Your negotiating skills are an inspiration to us all.”

Closing - Include mention of your future relationship:
“Thanks again. I look forward to our future success.”


Bob Smith

The last important step is proofreading. Make sure that you used proper punctuation, followed English grammar rules, and your spelling is correct. The last thing you want is to deliver your letter with embarrassing grammar or spelling errors.

We recommend writing your business thank you letter using English grammar software that easily transforms your English writing into clean, professional, and rich text.

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