Here’s how your own private detective, (private eye), can help you decide and define your job goals.

Start here. Ask a good friend or family member to actually follow you during a day or two of your normal life. No, not into a shower or a bed, just waking hours please!

If you’re stumped about what I’ve said, here’s an example of what you own detective can find out about you. If you have telephone calls to make, what are they about? Are they asking for information, solving problems, etc.? Ask your private eye to determine which category of phone calls they will belong to. Personal, business-like, social are some of the categories. Your private eye can keep a log of a whole day’s activities too, not just phone calls.

You and your private eye should discuss and analyze what you did all day WITHOUT THINKING much about what you did and analyzing all of the day’s events as in a
laboratory. Your detective will be looking at normal events and how you handle them. What kinds of language patterns do you use? Do you solve problems easily? That’s the sort of “private eye business” you and he/she should be attuned to.

The purpose of this activity is to find out and show you, the job seeker, where and how you spend your time and energy throughout the day. THESE EVERY DAY

Try this out for fun and see what you discover about yourself with your own detective. Look for patterns of behavior, what your values are, how you spend your time, what
MATTERS most to you during a day, how good are you at time management, etc. I’ll bet you’ll be surprised at how good you are, and in recognizing job goals at your fingertips!

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Certified Career & Job Transition Coach
M.A., Human Development and Administration