If you want to catch a cheating spouse and learn the truth, you need hard evidence - proof. You cannot 'accuse' anyone without it, and believe it or not, you would not even succeed in convincing yourself without solid proof.

You have been looking for signs of infidelity, reading articles, consulting all your friends... in fact you KNOW your partner is cheating on you, but you just cannot convince your own brain to believe it.

Clearly, you cannot just live with suspicion. It's destructive.

So you know you should do something about it. However, to catch a cheating spouse is not simply installing softwares or spy gadgets to gather evidence - there are several steps more important that you need to take emotionally before you even do anything.

Here are the five proven steps that will help you smoothly catch the cheater:

1. Be calm and stop panicking over every sign you see

For you to even read this article, you must have seen signs that he is cheating on you. Don't confront him just yet, don't even question him on every sign you see i.e. 'Honey, why did you switch off your phone?' etc

Calm yourself so that you can catch him, not getting caught trying to catch him. This is a very important step.

2. Prepare yourself for what you can possibly find out

Many women decide to catch a cheating spouse without adequately thinking about what they would do if the suspicion turns out to be real - with hard evidence proof at hand.

Before you deploy any tactics or install any bait you should think to yourself and prepare yourself. For example, would you forgive him? or would you consider divorce?

Give yourself the edge. The last thing you want is to present him with hard evidence and act outrageously crazy - regretting it at a later date.

3. Understand that it's not a one day process

You have to understand that catching a cheating spouse may take you more than a day. After all, the cheater is doing his best to make sure he is not raising a lot of your suspicion.

This is also the reason why it's good to be calm (refer to number 1), as the cheater will only act when you're not in a panicking mode.

4. Choose the right tool to catch him

There are many tools available in the market to catch a cheating spouse from spy gadgets, online spy software, right through to hiring a private investigator.

Choose the right one for you and make sure you do not get caught installing these tools to catch him.

In my opinion, software is a must as it is very affordable, and is the best tool to catch cheaters. After all, it can help you reveal his email passwords, deleted IM messages, chat sessions and some good software designed solely for the purpose of catching a cheating partner includes stealth function - to counter anti snooping devices.

5. Get out of the dark - and choose your next step wisely

Supposedly you have prepared yourself for the worst (Of course, if your suspicion turns out to be wrong you don't need to do anything).

Once you have hard proof evidence choose your next step wisely.

It is up to you whether or not you want to save your marriage/relationship, however try to make the decision in your own head first. Find out as much information regarding the step you are about to take.

This will definitely give you the edge when you finally confront him with all the proof.

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Sally Webb is the Founder of http://www.cheating-spouse-alert.com, the site which offers advice on infidelity and extramarital affairs.

Find out exactly the tool that she trusts to catch a cheating spouse at http://www.cheating-spouse-alert.com/catch-a-cheating-spouse.html