You can consider stretch marks as regular spots on your skin. Most women have them in many parts of the body; and the truth is, before cosmetologists were able to define how a flawless skin should look like, stretch marks have already been growing in almost everyone's body. Think about your mother and all those other pregnant women through the years and you can say that stretch marks have been a part of human skin just like an ordinary mole.

And never be mistaken that stretch marks are only for adult women. In fact, men and children can have them too. Aside from pregnant women, the three other types of people that are more prone to the growth of stretch marks on the skin are the bodybuilders for stretching their skin to make room for muscles; fat people for stretching the skin by gaining too much weight; and people who use synthetic chemicals like steroids on their skin

Stretch marks can be very stubborn; they can grow near your armpits, tummy, hips, legs, and other areas of your body; including private parts. While stretch marks can do no harm, they can be very unpleasant to look at. And now that there seems to be a revolution to stamp out stretch marks for good, more and more people across both genders are doing everything they can to correct these unsightly appearances on the skin.

If you are uncomfortable with having stretch marks, the quickest way to hide them from view is to try to cover them with a concealer or makeup powder. There are people who would also recommend applying tanning lotions to match the color of your skin and that of the stretch marks. But apparently, tanning solutions can be risky because, apart from being linked to skin cancer, they may either cause your stretch marks to have a lighter color than your skin or to darken up a bit more than the surrounding skin areas; either way, your stretch marks will become more obvious.

Applying sunscreen can be a much better way to deal with stretch marks; at the very least, these lines will not change color even when exposed under the sun. If you do not like the greasy feel that most sunscreen brands have, you can opt for clothes that can cover all your stretch marks without compromising your sense of style and comfort.

After trying out the basic treatments for stretch marks and you still can not get them off everyone's view, you may consider consulting skin experts or dermatologists. Dermatological clinics and spas usually have sophisticated treatment methods for stretch marks. Although most of these remedies may come at a more expensive price than the ordinary stretch mark concealer or cream, the improvement on your skin can be tremendous.

Special stretch mark treatment procedures include removal by laser and cosmetic surgery. By using laser, dermatologists can zap away stretch marks easily. However, aside from the hefty budget that you will need for this kind of treatment, some medical doctors claim that laser treatment have yet to prove its permanent effects on stretch marks.

Cosmetic surgery is also a popular choice for people who just can not live with their stretch marks. For instance, stretch marks on your stomach area can be eliminated by actually removing the skin around your belly button area, which is frequented by stretch marks. And unlike laser treatment, surgical operation has been proven to deal with stretch marks in a more lasting way.

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