According to the Law of Attraction, we get what we think about most, in other words our thoughts stimulate action and attract certain results in our lives. Therefore, if you think negative thoughts, you may attract more negative thinking and results.If you think positively, on the other hand, you will resonate more with the abundant universe and good things are much more likely to flow into your life.

This means it might be a good idea to learn to let go of your negative thoughts and focus on the present feeling of what it would be like if you had the results you desire in order to bring success and joy into your life. Learn to laugh at what life brings and you will start to attract towards you more things to laugh and feel good about.

Let Go of Longing

Many of us get trapped in a terrible cycle of continuously wanting and yearning for things no matter how much we may have already received - the car, the house, the ideal partner or family etc. In our wishing, we tend to focus more on the negative, on the lack, what we don't have. For example, we might focus on how much MORE money or love we want or feel we need and must have.

But by wishing for "more" money, you are actually focusing on what you DON'T HAVE and you are much more likely to be projecting feelings, or resonating with vibrations of lack, frustration and anxiety in the universal energy field.
As a result, you may find that this particular vibration attracts similar vibrations to it, almost like the action of a tuning fork, with the result that you 'tune in' to receiving even more things to get frustrated and anxious about. The Law is that you get back more of what you focus upon... more lack, more wanting!

In order to bring more money into your life, you need to appreciate the riches and feel the joy in the things you already have. The more joy and appreciation you feel, the more happiness you will attract.

Living For Today

A key principal of the Law of Attraction is learning to live for today, to experience the delight of each present moment and to appreciate what you have. Don't look around you and notice the things that are missing. Rather, look around you and see all of the great things you already have in your life and can be grateful for

If you spend your entire life looking to the past or the future and wishing you had done things differently or had more, you will project an energy of regret and wanting. As a result, you will simply attract more things to regret and more wanting to you.

Love your life! Appreciate what you have! Delight in what is already yours!

The more you learn to live for the day, the moment, and to love yourself and what your life has brought you, the better your tomorrow will become. If you are grateful you will attract towards you more things to be grateful for.

Spread the Happiness

There is no better way to love life than to find someone to laugh with. To help give your spirits a boost and bring more joy to your life, find a giggle partner, pull funny faces, talk in 'baby talk' ha! Make it a point to spend time with your partner laughing out loud.

It takes flexibility! Why not experiment with stepping out of your self-made cage for a moment, now and again. The benefits are enormous. Remember, laughter is contagious! So, the more you laugh and giggle together, the more laughter and joy will come your way. It nourishes the body for example by boosting the immune system, nourishes the mind as it sends more oxygen that way and stimulates the release of endorphins and it also nurtures the soul.

Keep a Journal

To help you discover more things to find joy in, you could start keeping a giggle, laughter, or appreciation journal in which you write down all of the things you find funny, or find joy in and are grateful for. Then, review your journal on a regular basis and take delight in your discoveries. The positive thoughts you experience while reading the journal will have a positive influence on your body and on your body's energy.

By continually focusing on the joys in life and learning to delight in what you already have, you will soon discover that happiness is all around you. And thanks to the Law of Attraction, your happiness and joy will bring even more opportunities to make your life one of pure delight and abundant well-being!

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