There are certain characteristics of those who have high self esteem and confidence in their ability to affect the journey of their life. These factors are universal and can be learned if they are not present in you life right now.

1. They are ambitious. They want more from life than existence or survival. They can envision themselves in better circumstances and surroundings.

2. They are goal oriented. They seek a challenge of completing and setting new goals for themselves. They are not especially competitive, except against themselves. They enjoy breaking their own records.

3. They have learned to communicate. They know how to ask for what they want and to hear advice and counsel. It is less important for them to be right than to be effective. They listen more than they speak.

4. They are loving and kind. Those people who have a good inner self image form nourishing relationships instead of toxic ones. They have learned to detach from relationships which do not allow them to be authentic.

5. They are attractive and open to others. Self confident people are usually drawn to one another. They vibrate their confidence in a way that attracts good things and good people to them. Being attractive does not necessarily mean physically attractive in the usual sense of the word, but rather spiritually beautiful.

There are also universal characteristics of those who have low self esteem and lack the confidence to attract abundance in all areas of life to them. These factors often influence the joy that a person may experience.

1. They are fearful of change. Many people with low confidence in the future come from a basis of lack and live their life in fear of what if…..

2. They are pessimistic and tend to see the glass as half empty.

3. They have difficulty communicating what they really want from life. They have no clear idea of what they value and are muddy about goals and desires.

4. They want to please others more than be true to themselves. The desire to have peace at any price is more important than discovering their own potential. Almost as chameleons, lizards that change colors to fit the environment they are in, those who lack self confidence……..

5. They are insecure and are drawn to others who also see themselves as victims. They often form destructive and toxic relationships that reflect and increase their lack of self-worth.

Confidence, self esteem or sure knowledge of who you are comes from knowledge of self inspection. It is an intimate experience and resides in the core of your being. Internal work is the hardest labor you will ever do in your life. There is no greater barrier to strong, healthy and mutually respectfully relationships than lack of confidence.

If you hope to achieve a happy relationship with someone, nothing is more important than healthy self esteem and confidence, both for you and the other person. No greater barrier or roadblock exists in relationships than the deep-seated feeling that one is not loveable or worthy.

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Judy H. Wright is a life educator and author based in beautiful Missoula, Montana. Please go to the website for free articles which will assist you in finding the heart of the story in the journey of life. To contact Judy for speaking at your organization, call 406.549.9813 or write