FEAR stands for false evidence appearing real

Whatever it is in your life that you are afraid of facing, you have to remember one thing: The only way fear goes away is by facing it! Think about the first time you were about to jump off the diving board. Were you not scared? How did you get yourself to do it? You confronted the fear by jumping through it!

The more you end up doing something that you fear, the easier it will be, and the less fear you will have. We didn't let fear hold us back as a child. We took risks such as learning how to ride a bicycle, swimming without our water wings, deciding to join our siblings for the first time on an upside-down rollercoaster, entering a haunted house, and so on! We still had fear as a child but we were in the habit of embracing our fears, and understanding our fear as a natural progression in growing up and achieving maturity.

When we turn into adults we try to avoid fear as often as possible. We try to trick ourselves and tell ourselves that we will be ok if we just stay inside our comfort zones. Some people would rather look good and be right rather than taking a risk in life. Unfortunately these are the people who won't lead rich and fulfilling lives. The universe will reward those who face their fears and take action!

Face your fear, get off the sidelines and into the spotlight! Start playing the game of life and takes risks! Realize that fear is a natural part of life and the only way to deal with it is to face it head on! Walk through your fear and take action!

Fear as an acronym stands for “false evidence appearing real”. Before we participate in what seems like a scary event, we create our own fear by imagining all the things that could possibly go wrong. We are ones that constructed this false evidence in our heads!

Since we are capable of attaching meanings to events, why not make the event mean something different than fear? Perhaps you could think of the circumstance as symbolizing a new transition in life, personal growth, or breaking through something that had previously held you back in life.

Reflective Exercises:

1. What actions or goals have you been putting off because of your fear, doubt or worries? Make a list of these, and beside each one, write down one small baby step that you can take today, or in the next week, that will give you momentum to move into and past this fear. Each step you take in the direction of your dream will build your confidence regardless of what barriers or fears have previously intimidated or immobilized you!Be sure to work through a comprehensive goal setting and motivation program today to address your fears and barriers!

2. Do not become overwhelmed and think that you need to face all your fears at once! Ask yourself, which fear is the most important for me to face at this point in time? Now, what’s one step I can take to move forward despite this fear?

3. If what you fear is something very specific that you are avoiding, practice visualizing yourself taking the action and facing your fear. The more you can experience a detailed visualization in your head, the more confident you will be when the time comes to deal with this fear.

4. What do I need to do, think or be right now, in order to face my fears?

5. If I don’t have the time, strength or confidence to face this fear now, then what makes me think I’ll have the guts to face it in the future?

6. What will happen to my dream or goal the longer I allow my fear to immobilize me? What will happen to my momentum?

7. What is the absolute worst case scenario if I move full force into this fear? Am I able to live with this?

8. How will my creativity and flexibility in life change as I move through this fear?

9. How much time do I need to have before I face my fear? Is there anything I can do to prepare myself for facing this fear? For instance, are there any rituals, prayers or symbols I can use to help give me the strength to move forward?

10. Another acronym for fear is: For Everything a Reason! This means that you will always have a reason, excuse or justification for why you can’t move out of your comfort zone. Your reasons will always be valid, because they are your belief systems. Just remember though, - it is these beliefs and reasons that are your own barrier!!

Make a list of your reasons for why you cannot move forward. Then, brainstorm to find a new way of thinking about each of these reasons. You will know when you have found a new belief because you will suddenly feel compelled to take action and walk through your fear.

11. How will my decisions around facing this fear affect my character for better or worse for life?

12. Think ahead 2, 5 or even 10 years from now. How will you feel, and how will your life be different if you don’t move past this fear? Even worse, - imagine it being your last day alive. How will you feel knowing that you didn’t use all your potential in life?

13. If you don’t take action despite this fear, how does it make you feel to know that you might live a mundane life, and that you will be ‘just like most people’, not living up to your fullest potential?

14. Who will you never meet if you don’t face this fear? What kind of people will you never be able to be associated with?

15. How will your finances be stunted if you don’t face this fear?

16. What will other people think of you if they know you never had the courage to move past this fear?

17. What needs and values are being met, by not having to cope with your fear? What can I do or think to tackle my fear, yet still fulfill these needs and values?

18. How do I benefit and make myself feel good by playing small in life?

19. Who’s proud of me and who admires me for how I have learnt to minimize my character and success in life?

20. At which age as a child, or after which childhood event did I graduate from “fear confrontation” and earn the rights to no longer face my fears anymore?

21. If I think of myself as being my own corporation, what position in the corporation would I have, given that I’m holding onto this fear and attitude? Am I a front-line employee who has never learned how to grow within his or her own company? Or, am I a CEO, someone who is a master of his or her own personal growth?

Author's Bio: 

Author’s Bio

Ali’s passion centers around goal setting and motivation. Ali holds a Master's degree in Counselling Psychology, and has tested her principles of change on many clients that she has counselled. Ali has the most comprehensive FREE ONLINE goal setting and motivation program on the internet. Try her program now to change your life!

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