I’ve just spent the last 2 hours lounging by the pool, reading, floating, and dreaming. I found myself contemplating what has been easy for me to achieve in my life and what hasn’t. Like living here in Florida, my dream geographical location, seemed to come effortlessly once I made up my mind it was what I was going to do. Everything just lined up-job, sale of our house in a down market, finding our dream home. I was thinking about how some of the things I’ve found seemingly effortless, like making a drastic geographical change, are very difficult for others, and how some of the things I have such a hard time with, like total financial freedom, seems so easy for others. Of course, I know the answer. We attract what we focus on, whether it be what we want or what we don’t want. I am responsible for it all—the easy stuff and the stuff that just seems so darn hard (in my mind). So basically it’s my thoughts saying, yes, I want and deserve this to some things and no I do not have or deserve this to other things. The things that are easy, I feel I am worthy of and the things that are hard, I do not feel deserving of or believe I can have. What is that for you? Losing weight? Finding a soul mate? Having a job you love? More money, more time, more energy?

So all we need to do is change all those years of thinking one way about a thing, all of our accumulated thoughts and beliefs about that life situation we want to be different. Easier said than done-right? Shifts take place over time don’t they? But what if that didn’t have to be true. What if we could choose to claim or worthiness for having it all-NOW. What if we decided we didn’t have to settle for anything less than what we really, really wanted?

When anything has come easy for me, that’s exactly what happened. I decided I was going to have it. No matter what. I have a history of following my intuition and going for it. And learning that I was being supported once I took the dive. So why are there still areas that seem to elude me (us)? Almost everyone has one or more of these areas in their life. For some, their health and relationships are thriving, but their finances are in the toilet. For others, their finances and health are in excellent shape, but satisfying relationships seem to elude them.

Why is that? It’s because they believe the things that are easy ARE easy and the things that are hard, ARE hard! Think about it! There is no struggle where you know you can have it and you deserve it and it’s not that hard. That is the key to having it all, even the “hard” to obtain things. All we need to do is apply that same kind of thinking to everything. I can have it, I deserve it and it’s easy!!! In other words-claim it. Do what ever it takes to have it. Take a bold leap! Feel overwhelming or scary? Chunk it down—what are the first steps, and the next steps and so on. Take action and keep going-then watch in amazement as the Universe adds its own ingredients to the mix.

I’ve seen it happen with the things I wanted so bad I was willing to just go for it-no matter what. Now I am ready to see what happens with things that I’ve always struggled with if I let go of “hard” and just go for it-no matter what. Will the Universe support me? Of course! What better message could I give it than to go to all lengths to get what I want and know I am worthy of receiving it? Haven’t I already been shown that I will be taken are of when I felt deserving and worthy?

As a reminder of this—I suggest you go to the nearest Staples store and buy yourself one of those EASY buttons and put it somewhere you will see it everyday. I have one in my office at work. When thoughts of “hard” come into my mind-I push the button and say “That was easy!” Because if it was (claiming it as if you already have it), it is (it is coming to you now) and it will be (what you experience!). What do you want to change in your life that you think will be hard to change? What if it was EASY? Go there. You will be supported.

Author's Bio: 

A life and spiritual coach, Debra is the founder, president and CEO of Amazing Journey Life Coaching Services (www.amazingjourneycoach.com), a personal and spiritual development coaching company and on-line community for midlife women. Her work as an entrepreneur, wellness director of a large YMCA, author, speaker, and coach has resulted in her being recognized as an expert in personal and transformational success.
Debra has combined her education to suit her lifelong desire to know and understand the Spirit-Mind-Body connection and how universal laws work in our lives. She has a bachelor’s degree in wellness education with an emphasis in behavioral psychology, a master’s degree in community counseling and a Doctorate in metaphysics. Debra speaks to a variety of audiences on spiritual principles for awakening the power within to create positive life changes. She is the author of the e-book “Awakening the Power Within to Create Your Best Life”, along with several other e-books and e-courses.
In addition to the above, Debra’s new adventure with an on-line personal development business based in the law of attraction (www.amazingjourneycoach.biz) is the perfect fit with her background, experience and education and she is excited to be a part of such a powerful network of leaders in the personal development business.

Debra is happily married, and is the proud parent of two biological sons and one stepson ages 24-28. She resides in her dream geographical location-the west coast of Florida! She is a health and fitness enthusiast, an avid reader of spiritual and metaphysical literature, and is committed to helping others grow and create their best lives.