If you want to be successful in life you need to communicate effectively. Effective communications can help you in work, in all of your relationships with family and friends, as well as socially. There are many aspects to communications all of which, combined together, can make you successful in life.

Many of our communications skills are learned and because they are learned we can change, modify, and develop them toward producing more success in our lives.

Speaking is by far the most important communication tool we possess, whether that is by sign language or verbally. Speaking is communications in its purest form.

The language we use and our tone of voice puts a flavor of sorts on what we are saying. Therefore, one secret to success in life is to pay attention to your choice of words when communicating with others. Use the appropriate words for the appropriate environment.

Tone of voice is also an important part of our verbal communications in that our tone emotionally emphasizes our words. All people are affected by another person’s tone of voice. It is a natural part of human nature and we use it to convey the emotional part of our thoughts.

As we grow up we learn that certain tones can create certain reactions and we can use these tones to our advantage or misuse them to our disadvantage. Each tone has a purpose in our verbal communications. Thus, you can see that it’s important to apply the right tone to the right environment or situation if you want success in your life.

Body language is another communication tool we use when we interact with others. It sends other messages that may not necessarily be conveyed in our words, much like our tone of voice. Our body language can tell people about the level of our self-confidence and express a variety of emotions, and can even signal personality traits.

How you sit, stand, or what you do with your hands impacts the overall message the other person receives when communicating with you.

Body language also includes facial expressions. Our facial expression can either attract people to us or cause them to avoid us. All human beings have the innate ability to read facial expressions with some degree of accuracy and do react to it.

Picture yourself walking down the sidewalk and passing someone with a mean scowl on their face. Would you introduce yourself to that person or would you be more apt to avoid them? Your facial expression can tell someone if you are approachable or unapproachable.

Another very important communication secret is our behavior. Yes, our behavior is a form of communications and says volumes about who we are. Our behavior can say what our character is like, how honest we are, how much we care, and more. If our behavior is consistently poor we can’t expect much success in life. However, if our behavior is fairly good we can expect more successes than failures. The good thing about our behavior is that most of it is changeable with some introspection and determination.

As you might see with the examples we have looked at above, it is actually a combination of things that make up how we
communicate to others, which in turn can affect our success in life. You might also see that to have success in life we need others. This is exactly why how we communicate with them has a direct bearing on our own success in life.

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