If you have been trying to lose weight you may view food as the enemy. You may be thinking, "If only you didn't crave chocolate I'd lose weight." or "If only, I could rev up my metabolism I'd lose weight." You may have tried diet after diet until you became convinced that your body was defective and that it is all hopeless. Well, in a bit, I'm going to offer you one question that if you are willing to ask it, could radically change your relationship with food.

First, what did you learn from dieting? Well, for most of you it's been years since you've dieted, but please indulge me, go back to that time, what did you learn from starving your body? Did you notice that the more you dieted, the more often you though about food? It's only natural for a starving body to think about food. Did you notice that when you broke the diet, you overate. Did you know that it's only natural for a starving body to overeat? So where did you buy that there was something wrong with you that you weren't able to starve your body into thinness? Where did you buy that this was a sign of poor willpower? Truth, did dieting result in you putting on more pounds? Yes? So does dieting actually make people fat? Yes! So how can you undo the damage that dieting has done? Well you can start by returning to sender all that crap you bought about willpower.

Now about food being the enemy, did you buy this line from your parents when they made you eat things that didn't taste good to you? Did you buy this lie from your parents when they made you finish your plate of food so you didn't "waste it" and you ended up "waisting" the food instead? Would you like to energetically, now return all points of view you ever bought from your parents and let go of all the ways you have duplicated your parents attitude towards food? Now I'm sure your parents meant well so please now thank them for their good intentions.

If you are judging your food while you are eating it, are you truly enjoying it? Would you be willing to become one with your food as you are eating it? Would you be willing for the assimilation process to begin the moment you choose to eat something, before you ever take one bite? What if you are at a party and you choose to eat cake, if you are saying, "This is a mistake, I shouldn't be eating this," will your body welcome this food? Will your body assimilate it with total ease and joy? Or will your body go, eek! cake! and react and resist to every bite. Maybe this will result in bloating, maybe weight gain, maybe something else.

Have you ever tried asking your body what it would like to eat? Have you ever tried asking the food if it would like to be eaten by you? Everything has consciousness, including food, after all it was once alive. Did it's consciousness die with it? Does your consciousness die when your body dies? So are you willing to ask your body, "Body would you like to eat this?" If you get a joyful, light or expansive feeling in your body it's a yes. Now here's the really radical question. The one I suggest you do after weeks of asking your body if it would like to eat this or that food, after weeks of recieving your body's unique signals for "hungry" and "satisfied." Are you ready? Will you ask your food, "If I eat you will you make me skinny?" Are you willing to allow food to talk to you? Are you willing to walk in to the grocery store and take action when a head of cabbage says, "Buy me and I'll help you get skinny???" What would it take to become willing?

And... are you willing to trust that your taste buds are connected to your stomach and that if food tastes great that's your body's way of saying, "thank you"! How much of what you eat are you really tasting or do you just eat what you THINK should taste good without asking your body if it is truly enjoying the experience? Are you willing to change all that? Are you willing to allow your weight loss journey to be the most "In-lightening" and joyful experience for your body? What would it take to allow that to happen?

Author's Bio: 

Jasmine White is a weight loss and conscious embodiment facilitor. She holds a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been practicing and teaching Energy Therapy for 14 years. She has gone from a size 18 to a size 10 and would like to help you do the same with ease, joy and glory.