One of my clients is a gifted author of children's books. Right now she has a lot on her plate but seems to be having a hard time getting any of it done.

As we talked on the phone it became clear that the task at hand, even though a little challenging, wasn't really what was behind her inability to get a few key things done.

Come to find out she's been running around like crazy with so many to-do's and obligations she can hardly hear herself think, let alone feel herself be.

So we talked about what really needs to come first; doing or being.

Guess what her insight was?

The girl just needs to BE!

And how does she do that? By creating a sacred space in a long, hot bath. THAT, to her, is the first step toward reconnecting with her SELF.

How about you? How do you reconnect to your SELF? You know, that place of peace within you, that's also all around you?

Here's a quick list of ideas for creating your own sacred space:

· Long, hot bath
· Deep breathing
· Pausing throughout the day to feel your body and breath
· Walking in nature
· Sitting in nature
· Getting a massage
· Sitting with a friend, having a quiet conversation
· Taking a little longer to get out of bed in the am
· Yoga, meditation
· Exercising
· Mid-day nap
· Laughing with friends
· Vacation
· Visiting a big body of water
· Decorate your home or office with objects from nature like stones, feathers, plants and flowers

Choose your venue and then feel your breath. Feel your body and its wise messages. Clear your mind. Enjoy the moment.

You'll walk away either 1) needing more! Or 2) feeling ready for action, but this time from a place of connection to your core.

Enjoy that moment.

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