Want a healthy relationship but don’t have a role model? When is the last time your partner turned off the TV and took you to bed? Heat up your bedroom and get ready for love and romance.

Like everyone you probably started your relationship with lots of passion and heated sex, but now find the romance dwindling, with sex taking a back seat to the TV. Today’s hectic pace of life and auto-pilot living can take over, leaving romance and love in the dust. Take control of your love life by planning a romantic evening to bring love and passion back to your bedroom.

• If you idea of celebrating love is sitting on the couch with your couch potato. Turn the TV off and set the mood for romance. She may have lost her libido to the remote control. Follow these rituals to create a magical romantic evening.

• Pick up her favorite flowers and a mood candle. Make sure that you show up first before her. Put the flowers on the nightstand and light the mood candle.

• Put clean red sheets on the bed. Leave a love note on her pillow with rose petals under the sheet.

• Run a hot bath in the tub five minutes before she arrives. Add three drops each of lavender, ylang ylang, rose geranium, clary sage and marjoram to a teaspoon of honey and add this to her bath just before she enters. Put on her favorite music and quickly get in the shower.

• Once she arrives take her directly to the bathroom and help her undress. Have her slip into the bath. Roll a towel and slip it under her head.

• Once she is ready to leave her heavenly bath. Have a nice bathrobe for her to slip into. Lay her on the bed in her bathrobe on top of the rose petals. Take a relaxing lotion like lavender and massage her feet.

She is now relaxed and in the mood. The rest is up to you. Take your time to focus on what you love about each other and make the most of the moment. It is up to you to create love or push love away with an over busy schedule and then collapse in front of the tv. Seize the moment and create the love you want. Go to http://www.retreatandheal.com for information on couples retreats to help you recapture love and romance. Join our free newsletter for information on teleseminars for couples and monthly tips to stay focused on love.
© copyright 2008 Annie B Lawrence, PhD, CHT

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Annie B Lawrence, PhD, CHT, author of Love’s Secret Live Your Life In Love, and co-author of 101 Ways to Improve Your Health. Annie is a spiritual life coach and owner of Retreat and Heal, located in Sedona. Arizona. Retreat and Heal offers personal healing retreats, couples retreats, and corporate retreats year round. Visit her website at http://www.retreatandheal.com/products.html to get your copy of Love's Secret to creat the love you deserve.