If you work from home, or you simply spend a lot of time in your office, then the environment you create within this space can dramatically impact your personal health and energy level. The office is the center of productivity, so you want to make sure that the energy in this area is positive and uplifting.

Here are a few simple ways you can use the principles of feng shui to make sure your office offers you supportive, inspiring energy:

First, make sure that your office is a dedicated workspace. Often when people work from home they make do with any work space, such as the dining room table or a corner of the family room as an office. With the prevalence of laptop computers, even the living room sofa has become a popular office space.

However, having an office that is part of another area creates conflicted energy that hampers your ability to work effectively and efficiently. It invites distractions and makes it difficult for you to focus on your work, creating more stress. It also makes it difficult to get away from your work when you are ready to spend some time with your family, or to simply take a few moments to relax and unwind. Having your work on your mind all the time can lead to poor health from stress and exhaustion.

Also make sure that your office is well lit. A poorly lit office creates depressive energy, and makes it difficult to be productive. An office space that has fluorescent lights and no windows can be very depressing, resulting in headaches. If possible, you should select a space for your office that has access to natural lighting via multiple windows. If this is not possible, use desk lamps or floor lamps to brighten the room and invite the flow of positive, inspiring energy. This will not only help you work more efficiently, it will make you feel better while you are working, which promotes vibrant health.

Choosing the right colors for your office will also create a productive, healthy working environment. The colors you choose should depend on the type of work you do. If you need to feel energized, use warm, inspiring colors like yellow, orange, and red. If you need to work in a relaxed, calm environment, choosing cool, relaxing colors like blue, green, and tan will give you the peace of mind you need to get your work done efficiently.

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