Everyone has experienced situations in their life from which they need to recover: relationship break-ups, financial problems, job issues and losses, abuse of all kinds, health disorders, and the list could go on and on. But one of the most devastating and staggering problems facing our society today is the unprecedented number of individuals who are bound by the chains of addiction. One can wonder how something of this magnitude can happen in a society of opportunities and great intelligence.

Addiction of any kind, whether it be to illegal drugs, alcohol, sex, food, nicotine(technically a drug), anti-depressants, pain-killers, anger or simply living with a victim mindset, is, according to Webster, the process of giving up one’s power to this habit if an individual makes the choice to do it. So this says that anyone who seeks addiction and stays there is showing smallness, allowing their addiction to control their life.

Why would an individual want to give up their power to any of these addictive habits? Somewhere inside of them are things they don’t want to face. There is pain, hurt, anger, resentment, jealousy, rage, bitterness or many other negative emotions they don’t want to address. Many times the individual isn’t aware of what makes them feel depressed, fearful or hurting, but hides from those feelings rather than confronts them so they can be released. It is an escape from their reality.

The sad part is that whatever habit of choice they pursue, it is hurting them. The negative emotional issues do not go away. Instead, they fester and rumble inside of them until at some point they will erupt. It could appear as an illness, an explosive behavior, mental issues, relationship problems, or some other expression that affects them negatively. You see, whatever energy or vibration you focus on is what shows up in your life. So if you inwardly live through negative energy, you draw to you more of the same, given the fact that likes attract likes.

So addiction of any kind is simply a cover-up, a way to hide from the truth. The truth for most people is that they do not have good self-esteem. We often find that these people were programmed with the belief that they have limits, aren’t good enough, are in the way, are stupid, will never get anywhere in life, or a host of other negative conditioning. The individual absorbs that programming internally and it becomes the base of their life, a truth for them. When the feelings get strong enough, more than they can bear, a cover-up is sought.

Teenagers get swept into experimentation of these habits. Everyone is doing it mentality spreads like a wildfire and in order to be accepted into the “in” crowd, they follow the crowd. It doesn’t take long at all for an experiment of this nature to become a habit, and the teenager is hooked. This initial “experiment” can interfere in and possibly destroy their life.

Adults also look for escape and may experiment themselves. The same scenario can be their outcome as the habits mentioned above are extremely habit-forming and easily become a way of life. Once this life of addiction begins, it is very hard to break.

In my research I learned of many facilities that offer recovery for individuals who are seeking it. Some are forced into recovery without willingness so it doesn’t work. Others think they want to recover, but upon release from their initial program, find they don’t know which way to go from there. I discovered that the relapse rate from these facilities and programs is better than 95%. That is astounding! This means that what is out there is obviously not working to rehabilitate those who wish a different life, a life without addiction.

Given that the majority of the programs already utilized are not successful, the challenge was to understand what is needed to be successful in helping people recover completely and create a new life. The answer lies here. What individuals need for recovery is a plan for creating a new and happy life, one that does not include addictive behavior. It involves sharing the universal spiritual principles that govern our world with the individuals in order to help them understand how to use them to recreate their life. It involves releasing old beliefs and patterns and establishing new ones that raise them up rather than spiral them down.

But the catch is this. The person who wants to clean up their life must be willing to complete the entire program. This involves a sincere commitment to make serious life changes. Once the willingness is there, everything in possible. Steps then are given to begin the creation process – the creation of success and freedom. And it all boils down to the individual’s choice!

We developed a program that we believe can fill in the gaps in the programs that are not working. We call it Choose Freedom, and it is a holistic program for breaking the chains of addiction and abuse. Based on spiritual universal principles it has the power for an individual to become a victor, allowing them to experience empowerment in their life. This is something they could never experience as long as they are under the bondage of addiction. Addiction makes a person weak, but overcoming it allows the individual to grow past it and become strong. Our program offers a step by step process for healing and overcoming.

If you or anyone you know and love is experiencing the defeat of addiction, we invite you to contact us so we can help you or the person you love overcome this debilitating thorn in life. It is possible to live a life full of joy, happiness, success, abundance and great health. All that is needed are the tools and the support team to do it. So whether you find yourself or someone you love bound by the chains of drugs, alcohol, anger, abuse, prescription drugs, food or playing the role of victim, we can help you break those chains forever. The price tag of addiction, no matter what the addiction is, is way too costly. Make the choice today to leave addiction behind. It’s your choice!

Author's Bio: 

Carolyn Porter, D. Div., is a Spiritual Wholeness & Health Coach, Speaker, Trainer for Speaking, Coaching and Angel Practitioner, Angel Channel, Author of 5 books and 2 audios, Co-author of 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life Vol I, and owner of Where Miracles Happen Healing Center in Woodstock, GA. Carolyn has dedicated her life to helping individuals step into their own power and accept their brilliance so they can create the life they truly want and deserve. For more information or to view her books, visit drcarolynporter.com or wheremiracleshappen.com.