Medical scientists continue to research in order to establish the ultimate cure for high blood pressure. Because the disease is potentially life- threatening, it is recommended that you get your blood pressure checked regularly. If hypertension, also referred to as the ‘silent killer,’ is left untreated, it will increase the risk for heart disease, kidney disease and stroke. An astonishing one 1 of 3 Americans suffer with high blood pressure.

Although no specific cure for high blood pressure has been discovered, the medical care providers recommend ways to prevent and control the disease. Research indicates that these prevention methods have been successful in that they have alleviated the onset of or controlled the progression of high blood pressure in patients allowing them to live healthier lives. Ironically, the factors that contribute to high blood pressure are often evident which suggest that the patient has the ability to reverse the effects that it can have on the body.

The most effective way to prevent and control high blood pressure is to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Any one person who suffers with high blood pressure or is at high risk of developing it can benefit from living a healthier life. More so, high blood pressure-lowering methods decreases the risk of additional complications. By incorporating this list of healthy habits into your daily routine, it will help keep your blood pressure levels in control.

Adopting a healthy eating plan: Consider implementing the DASH Diet Action Plan which lowers cholesterol, improves glucose control and overall health.

Loose weight if you are overweight or obese: Eat less food that is high in calories and fatty acids. Reduce sodium (salt) in your diet. Concentrate on eating foods that are natural such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Increase water intake.

Implement daily physical activity and exercise: The American Heart Association suggests aerobic exercise.

Limit Alcohol consumption

Quit smoking

Lifestyle changes are extremely important and effective for the overall health. However, this is not sufficient for certain groups of people. In some cases, genetic predisposition calls for other precautions.

Finding a cure for high blood pressure in regards to this group of patients may prove more stringent. In addition to the lifestyle modifications; that has actually proven to significantly lower blood pressure, some patients may also require treatment such as hypertensive medications. Medication has not proven to cure the disease, yet it has certainly been effective.

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