We’ve all had a painful splinter sometime in our lives. A splinter that throbbed, it seemed endlessly. Without us paying attention to it, it would hurt, sending pain signals to our brain. Well, very successful individuals, for thousands of years, have used the laws of nature to reverse the signal system and use it to accomplish great tasks. Most great inventors use a similar principle. Let’s study it.

Truly successful people have found that if they pre-program their minds, in particular, the subconscious mind, with certain commands and goals, it gets etched into their subconscious, and that is the real key here. It is important to realize that the subconscious will accept fact or fiction. That is why some people who are hypnotized will quack like a duck. It is because the subconscious mind has accepted the command, and is just complying with what it been instructed with.

It is a proven fact, that on average, we use only 5% of our brain capacity. Imagine if we work on improving our brain output to perhaps 10%?
So, whatever is fed into the subconscious mind, on a consistent basis, that all powerful, inner-mind, will accept and in turn, send out powerful thought impulses to the conscious mind. Almost like the rays of light that emanate from the bright light of a lighthouse. It is those impulse-signals that work all the magic.

Think about the NYC Marathon runner who trains for the entire year before the big race. Think about the fact that the race is over 26 miles long. Let’s look at the mindset of this individual. The runner is intensely driven for that whole year, visualizing, all along, that ultimate finish line. The runner doesn’t think about failure to finish the race, or blisters, or many other obstacles that will arise during the year. The runner’s mindset is: one goal; one vision; one battle; that will ultimately be won.
The runner will also announce to everyone, sometimes months in advance, that they will be running the famous marathon. This is important, because once announced, a goal has that much more importance and urgency attached to it. So once introduced correctly, the subconscious mind accepts this great goal, and works overtime to bring the intense, positive, driven goal, to pass, just like that terrible deeply imbedded splinter.

Think about the immigrant entering the United States to live. Their mindset is: “America is the land of opportunity. All I have to do is work very hard and I will make it. I can then send for my family, back home, and bring them to America to live.” The immigrant doesn’t think about failure, it doesn’t enter into the equation. Success is expected. It is demanded by the immigrant, because he proudly announced his intentions to all those back home. And his family, back home, expects nothing less than success from him. He has that intense positive driving force, that Positive Driven Splinter.

We’ve all used this technique, unknowingly, for smaller desires and goals, such as an all day goal of wallpapering a room. By positively visualizing the successful out come of the finished project, maybe for even weeks in advance, we have pre-programmed our subconscious mind with the intense desire, or, “mental splinter”. Only after the completion of the project, will the subconscious mind back off - sending urgent signals of the goal desired.

But, then, after the goal has been achieved, the subconscious mind begins sending out signals of joy, happiness, fulfillment, and elation, derived from the completed goal. This is very important, because these feelings of self worth will help tremendously in the belief that you can, and will, complete the next intensely desired goal.

Remember, ninety percent of all things around us are negative. Ninety six percent of all talk is negative. We must put Mental Blinders on each and everyday to block out all the negative influences that surround us. One excellent way of doing this, I have found, is through utilization of self-suggestion statements. I have been saying the same series of statements that run approximately five minutes long. Repeated a few times though out the day, in the same order, they will work magic.

The statements, once again, are received and absorbed into the subconscious mind. The subconscious accepts the statements, said with belief, as fact. And in turn will send out positive reinforcing thought impulses to the conscious mind.

Let’s look at a self-suggestion statement: “I Like Myself! I Like Myself! I Like Myself!” “I will be successful, it’s inevitable, because my aggressiveness will lead to my success!”
It is important to develop your own statements. They must be believable, remain in the same order and repeated multiple times throughout the day. Repetition is important so the subconscious will accept, store and work on the statements. It then will convince the body and mind of the vaidity of the statements, thus changing your life, attitude, and allowing the raising of the all important mental blinders that will shield you from the negativity that threatens the success of all individuals. So, what will be your Positive Driven Splinter?

This is just a very small sample of what is thoroughly covered and taught through various principles in the self-help book: The Power Of Being Different, which can be purchased online at Amazon, or the author’s site: www.johnpaulbooks.com , which also features free articles, and radio interviews, that you can access and download.

Author's Bio: 

John Paul Carinci has been a successful business owner for 30 years. Currently, he is President of Carinci Insurance Agency Inc., with over 200 brokers. John, is also an author, songwriter, and poet. He is the CEO of Better Off Dead Productions Inc., a movie production company.

As a writer, some of John’s works include; “Better Off Dead,” “A Second Chance”, “The Power Of Being Different,” “Better Off Dead In Paradise,”(the sequel), “In Exchange Of Life,” and "The Pychic Boy Detective"

John, is also co-writer of the screenplays: “Better Off Dead,” and “A Second Chance,” which was adapted from his novel, and may be in production in the near future. He has also written, recorded and published over a twenty songs.