I once heard a commercial with the following line:
“The precision of the cut is what brings out the greatest beauty of the diamond.”

We are all ‘diamonds in the rough’ if you will, allowing God/Spirit/Infinite Love to sculpt our lives and our spirits to bring out the greatest beauty that Infinite Love can express in each of us. What a wonderful thing to know that all of the things we think seem to take forever, and so we become impatient, are done that way so that the precision can be maintained, thus revealing our greatest beauty hidden within. This point of view can give Being present a whole new light for when we love ourselves and others enough to show up fully in our true Presence, we share the greatest gift of ALL. This beautifully sculpted Being.

Watching a documentary on how diamonds are formed in the earth and how, being the clearest and strongest element on the planet the only thing that can cut a diamond is another diamond, and thus shape it, I thought about the phrase ‘diamond in the rough’ and how there are many references to people as just that. Having heard the reference of crystals and ‘Christed being’, and being the curious kid I am, I looked up the word diamond in the dictionary to see where it came from or what it meant. The origin actually mentions that the word comes from the Greek term adamas (“a human being”). Yes, really. So of course this clears up my perceptions of ‘life on earth’ as each of us is here to help sculpt each other ‘with precision’ so that our greatest, clearest Being can be expressed. Having been blessed with learning and doing ‘subtle energy work’, I feel so grateful for each ‘diamond/spirit’ I work with, being well aware of the mutual and yet individual sculpting we are participating in.

The experiences we have as well help to shape us into a Being that reflects our true inner beauty, our true infinite Spirit, which is Love and Light.

Thanks to all of my fellow ‘diamonds in the rough’. You are truly beautiful in every way.

Author's Bio: 

Writer, photographer, traveler and Nature-guided therapy coach, Elaine Bolduc has been on the body-mind-spirit integration path
for over 25 years. An explorer at heart, Elaine's greatest love is being in nature, allowing the True Spirit to show itself unlimited and learning the infinite wisdom it offers.