People are funny. I mean that in a collective sense. We, by nature can be such impatient creatures! And as technology and transportation continue to speed things up for us, we’ve become even more impatient, even a little entitled at times. We want it all and we want it now!

On one hand, our entitlement is a good thing. It demonstrates to us that we believe we can be, do and have whatever we want. That is a vital ingredient in achieving our desires: belief. Yet, in my practice I frequently see people become discouraged because the thing they want is not in their reality. In fact, many people simply give up on their dreams and desires because they have lost their belief about it.

What I have to say about this is: WAIT. I know waiting can be difficult, sometimes even painful, but it is necessary. There is another Universal Law at play here: The Law of Gestation. That is the timing involved to transpose a thought (seed) to a thing (fruition).

When I think of gestation, I think of babies and pregnancy. We have all come to accept the fact that it takes nine months for a baby to be born. Wouldn’t it be silly if after four months of pregnancy, we raised our arms with exasperation into the air and said with frustration, “This baby thing is a joke! Where is it already? I don’t think this is really going to happen!”

Quite the opposite happens, right? When we find out a baby is on the way, we paint the room, buy baby furniture, safety-proof the house… we prepare ourselves for baby because we have faith that in nine months time, baby will arrive.

Imagine the possibilities if we treated every desire like a pregnancy and actually prepared for it—in our hearts and our minds welcoming it into our lives every day, naming it, creating a space for it, talking to it, nurturing it and letting it grow at its own pace. Imagine.

When we have a dream, goal, idea, hope, wish or desire, we have to be more like farmers. We take our precious seed (desire), plant it in prepared, healthy soil that is full of faith, belief and love and nurture it by giving it plenty of sunshine and occasional water. But the thing it needs most is to be left alone for the magic of gestation to take place. Once we plant our seed, we have to resist the urge to micromanage it. How well do you think a sunflower would do if we dug up the seed everyday and asked it, “Have you grown yet?”

The next time you find yourself frustrated because your desire has not manifested, remind yourself that it has not manifested YET and that it’s on its way. It’s in its gestation phase and will arrive when it (and you) are ready. Trust the process.

Love & Blessings,

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Dawn McIntyre is no ordinary intuitive. She is a trained and verified professional with a deep desire to enlighten those who want to know more about manifesting a life of beauty and truth.

Since childhood, Dawn discovered her gifts of foresight, intuition and the ability to see and hear those who have passed on before us. She specializes in connecting with the Divine through coaching and individual readings. With the assistance of personal guides, sacred souls and angels, she provides gentle advice, solves problems and removes obstacles. Her intuition allows for a deep sense of knowing and understanding events and people in the past, present and future. Dawn’s gift of being a clear conduit to spirit allows her to guide you in the manifestation of your heart’s desires with ease and grace.

For the past 20years, Dawn has honed her professional skills and training, including studying under world-renowned psychic Sonia Choquette in the Six-Sensory® program, best-selling author Doreen Virtue in the Angel Therapy Practitioner® series and Orin & DaBen, founders of the Awakening Your Light Body program. Dawn has also studied the secrets of manifestation in great detail from many masters.

Always on a path to self-discovery, Dawn continues her 20 year metaphysical journey and education. Eager to share her insights, she is the co-host of the radio show and forthcoming co-author of the book “Boldly Beautiful …where divine beauty and bold expression dare to meet”. Her skills as a psychic medium make her a preferred choice as an advisor on

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She has a full-time practice, has hosted her own previous radio show and has regular guest appearances on radio and TV including Breakfast TV in Edmonton, Alberta. Dawn is lives with her daughter Kennedy in Calgary, Alberta.