Life is only worth living if it's exciting and you can grow as a person. To do this challenges need to be overcome. The more challenges you defeat the more confident you will be.

Without these challenges and your ability to overcome them, you can't build up your self-esteem. If you never overcome challenges the self-esteem you have starts to deteriorate.

Pick A Challenge

Regardless of the type of challenge you decide on, the most important part is to begin as soon as possible. Procrastinating will do you no good, and the sooner you start making some changes, the sooner you will experience the benefits this can give you.

* Find a new career path. If you see no bright future in your current job, quit. Find a job that will give you the compensation and satisfaction that you deserve.

* Improve your health by shedding a few pounds and making a few changes in your daily diet.

* Take up a new hobby like playing a musical instrument, scuba-diving or starting your own vegetable garden.

These are the types of challenges that will take a considerable amount of time to overcome, and that's perfectly fine. You don't need instantaneous results. The important thing is to get up and get started, and you will soon find yourself brimming with new found confidence.

Creating a Timetable for Achieving Your Goals

Start off with one large long term goal and divide into smaller more manageable pieces. If you want to lose 20 lbs in 4 months, start with smaller goals of 5 lbs a month.

Giving yourself reasonable deadlines will also encourage you to make wise use of your time. In the process, if you find your timetable too lenient, you can increase stringency to further challenge you more.

Keep Track of Your Achievements

These acknowledgements give you the boost of confidence you are going to need to finish up the long term part of the goal.

* Every night write down everything you have accomplished in 24 hours.

* Create a reading list and check all the books you've read so far.

* Place a notepad by the weighing scale to record your weight loss progress.

The small victories that you achieve on a daily basis will compound the confidence you feel in yourself. The momentum will speed up and you are likely to achieve your goals earlier than you originally set.

Get Support from Other People

Have friends that support you in your endeavor. If you have a friend that will work with you to accomplish the same goal, that's even better.

If you continue this practice of overcoming challenges then your self-confidence will always be at a high, and you will have more rewarding life for it.

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