Have you ever seen a T. V. show or movie with a girl holding a flower, pulling off each petal one at a time and saying, "He loves me, he loves me not"?

This is a famous cliche... even Madonna does it in her old "Truth or Dare" movie.

What's going on here? And why is it now such a famous idea that it is almost universally known?

Because it strikes a chord inside of women everywhere! Every woman can relate to the idea of thinking about a man and wondering if he's thinking about her.

Pulling petals off of a flower and saying, "He loves me, he loves me not", is just another way of saying, "I can't stop thinking about this guy and I'm going to keep thinking about him until I know how he feels."

I think that it's important to create this kind of situation as much as humanly possible.

Now, here's where romance fits into the puzzle... If you're doing things that you consider to be "romantic" all the time, then she has nothing to wonder about... nothing to think about... there is no challenge or mystery at all.

On the other hand, if you use romance more carefully and keep her on the edge of her seat, so to speak, then a small romantic gesture will cause her to feel great feelings of attraction inside... and cause her to work even harder to get and keep your attention – because she’ll try harder to get more out of this romantic side of you!

So what are some things you can do, that women see as romantic, without going overboard?

Well, if you want to do the typical things like flowers, gifts, music, poetry, etc. then do as I said earlier: Use them VERY infrequently. Tease her, bust on her, treat her like a bratty little sister most of the time, then out of nowhere do something thoughtful. But make sure to stay cool when the emotional reaction comes!

She's probably going to be very happy and want to know "where that came from." Just tell her that you were thinking about her and move on to the next topic. Don't get all mushy, dude.

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