Here's why I ask. I've coached many solo-preneurs over the years and I started to notice something, the solo-preneurs whose businesses took off like wildfire got very in touch with the essence of their business in three key areas: 1) who they are, 2) who their customers are, and 3) what they're really selling behind their snazzy titles and packaging.

Essence is the thing behind the thing. It's the core energy that is always present but not always easy to describe. You can see and feel essence but not in obvious ways. Essence is that special something people notice and want to be around!

When you think about it, you can get just about anything you want from several different sources. Why do you choose what you choose? Pay attention the next time you buy something that adds value to your life and/or business in some way. Why are you really buying what you're buying? Are you buying because of price, packaging or something less tangible, yet more powerful?

Essence Opens Doors

As a solo-preneur it's important to get in touch with your essence so you can infuse it into the products and services you create. When you do, you create a truly unique, conscious business.

A conscious business is a business others can connect to on a deeper level because it has that "special thing"...a special energy about it. Instead of feeling flat, it feels alive. Instead of being "in your face", it feels welcoming and authentic. Instead of turning you off, it inspires.

A conscious business attracts like-minded and like- energy loyal, raving fans because they can clearly see and feel Who You Really Are. And in this day and age that feels good!

How do you infuse your business with essence?

One thing: you get very clear on what makes you YOU. You dig deep. You get to know yourself inside and out. You get to the heart of what makes you unlike any other.

When you have this kind of extreme clarity you can infuse your business with something that is truly unique, perhaps even remarkable, and in no way duplicatable.

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