Dr. Peter H. Gott is a nationally syndicated medical columnist and a doctor with more than 40 years of experience. He has teamed up with Robin Donovan to write his New York Times Best-selling book: “No Flour, No Sugar Diet”.

There is No Calorie Counting in this diet! This is a simple, uncomplicated way to achieve your weight loss goals, and keep your weight off for the long term. His book alone has countless success stories, and thousands of letters from readers thanking him for their amazing weight loss success.

Dr. Gott’s book teaches you to remove flour and sugar from your diet, but gives you plenty of ways to fulfill your cravings and keep your stomach full. He has over 50 recipes, including food from all groups. He includes easy to follow meal plans; you will enjoy nutrient-dense foods such as lean meats, brown rice, low-fat diary products, fruits, vegetables and other snacks.

Today all of our food is loaded with unnecessary amounts of these substances to make us come back for more. Dr. Peter H Gott’s book: “No Sugar, No Flour Diet” is just that. You remove all the highly caloric sugar and flour from our diets. Flour and sugar are full of what are called “Empty Calories” – food that has calories, but is lacking in the nutrients. Some products that are loaded with empty calories are sodas, cookies, candy, breads, etc. By removing these from your diet, you are drastically reducing your calorie intake, resulting in rapid, sustained weight loss!

The way that this system works is very simple. Remove the unneeded sugars and flour from your diet – all of the empty calories that we consume on a daily basis – and weight loss will be immediate. The basic idea of weight loss is that if you eat more calories than you use, you will gain weight. If you consume just as many calories as you use, you will maintain your current weight. If you eat fewer calories than you use, you will begin to lose weight.

Cutting all of these empty calories out of your diet will help you start using more calories than you consume, resulting in rapid weight loss. Dr. Gott’s book provides ways for you to find hidden sugars and flour inside different foods, and provides you with plenty of options that don’t contain excessive amounts of these chemicals.

Dr. Gott’s No Sugar, No Flour Diet will give you the tools that you need to be successful in your weight loss efforts. Dr. Gott provides many low sugar/flour recipes for you to choose from and helpful strategies to stick to your diet plan and keep your weight off.

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Author, Tom Noonan, is an avid health specialist, very excited to help people lose weight. He created a Dr. Gott resource: http://www.Dr-Gott.com which helps people learn more about weight loss and the teachings of Dr. Gott.