One of the techniques I work with involves the term "morphic field."

Quantum science refers to it as a "field of information." This information emulates and emanates forth from within us, which carries our life's history and does makeup our constitution at any given moment.

The information expresses in vision or hearing of which both come from our knowing.

We know, because we have experienced it at one time or other, consciously or subconsciously.

We can place our hands two to six inches away from another's body (palms facing the other person) and through the sensory of the surface of our palms; we can sense the heat, coldness, electrical sensation or even pressure that is emanating from another person or from our self. This might take practice, but always, it will take trust.

The more we practice, the more we are learning to trust.

Then, as we feel the anomaly of actual sensation, there will follow a momentary vision or other momentary sense that incorporates pictures that can be perceived. These pictures might occur in an abstract manner
or in one of our senses that can be immediately understood.

The more often we practice and trust that we really did perceive these pictures purposefully, this will also increase in event quality, quantity and duration.

Once we perceive this information, initially and purposefully allow the other scene or icon (living picture) dwell in you're thinking. Then contemplate it for a few moments, minutes or several minutes. See what it really means to another in their life.

Don't be so quick to make loud the voiced opinion or prophecy or Soul reading etc.

What we see is always only a small piece of what is waiting to be rediscovered of a person's life in determining what has reflected in them of who they are, what they are and why they are today.

In The Grace And Love Of God,

Mark Earlix

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Mark Earlix is a healer by the grace of God and is realized in the art of healing as well as other gifts. For over 41 years Mark has been working with the gift of healing to help thousands of people in the United States and around the world.

Mark utilizes a specific and unique form of healing which may be new to you. Healing can happen through the form of a suggestion, a word, the touch of the hand, non-touch or absentee prayer. Everyone and every situation is unique unto itself.

Since healing occurs in the cellular consciousness of the physical, emotional and mental bodies, it involves no physical discomfort. Though the first time working with Mark you may experience an exacerbation of the symptomology for up to 24 hours, with most people their distress will probably be gone after that. Healing may take place instantaneously, within minutes, days or after several sessions.

Mark allows the light of God to work through him as he calls upon the prayer within himself.

Some people may feel varying amounts of energy, vibration, static, heat or cold air moving through them, their bones shifting or experiences or emotional catharsis. Healing that occurs is based upon the unique needs of the individual.

Mark works well with painful situations, disease states, several addictive and emotionally destructive behavior patterns. While Mark is accustomed to working with people in person through prayer, he can also work with people who are not physically present through absentee healing.

Mark teaches his healing techniques in the Art of Healing/Christic Healing Seminars throughout the United States. In addition, he has developed modules in Advanced Healing based upon the main seminar series including Meditation, Intuition In Living and Healing, Karma, Angels and many other topics of interest.

Mark conducts lectures, workshops and seminars focusing in on aspects of spiritually, healing, origins of disease and destructive and addictive behavior patterns.

Mark has recently completed the 2nd Edition of his book entitled "Awaken the Healer Within", which is a completed guide to Self-Enlightenment and Spiritual Empowerment. Mark's teachings provide the wisdom and philosophical background to let go and to help heal the memories the create illness and disease.