Emotional dilemmas, either the drama or trauma creations in our daily living as we are going through them, are truly meaningless. Through, these dilemmas in our life we will eventually take on their true meaning and healing only as our dilemma is realized by us.

Even as we think an event is complete, there is always a continuation that follows for the rest of our life. Just as life itself has continued and evolved, we too are of that life.

There is no person that I have ever met that doesn't carry the past with them. These memories, conscious or unconscious, create us to be who we are, what we are and why we are today.

These very memories are the dynamics that also continue to compound one on top of each other forming our perceptions of life. This is a perception that continues to
perpetuate itself from an original simple consciousness to a more secure foothold of self-consciousness in its depressions/digressions and stagnancy, basically forming the fears that later inhibit us.

Eventually this is the act that we allow and rely upon as the fear forges us into insecurity.

These fears (of the original simple consciousness begin from births impressions and onward) even at the age of one or two... they begin to form.

We might have heard our parents arguing, or felt one of our parent's absence, or witnessed a destructive act, or tasted something most awful, or touched something that gave us the sense of pain.

These are the memories that we have long forgotten and in the similar situations that seem to return again, time after time. This is the set-up for future situations of a
similar nature but with different faces, times and places, but always the same in its nature of experience.

Just as we might have developed ulcers or migraines or an abdominal situation from the pain of fear of what we have heard or witnessed as our parents argued, these begin to develop into the forms of insecurity, of not being able to assist and feeling helpless in the situation from what
we have witnessed or experienced.

I truly believe, we have not been taught about real life itself and that we do have the ability (to be able to) recognize (re-cognize) and identify the past situation of memory or feeling at any moment of conscious awareness.

If we ponder our thoughts at any given time, this
exercise in life will help us to drop our filters that keep us blinded from the God-consciousness that dwells within us.

And for the moment...we awaken.

We find that understandings and thinking and observing objectively does and will fluster our thinking. This very act of conscious awareness changes us in some way. So that when an old pattern begins to set itself up again and
begins to play itself out, the pattern might feel awkward to us that we actually no longer feel part of it nor the desire to participate, entertain and dance with it.

Daily, the emotional dilemmas that unconsciously inhibit our freedom to express the Divinity within form our many layers of deceit that we create, so that we can unconsciously hide from our true expressions.

This is being asleep within the world.

These are our very patterns that...only we can create and recreate in continuum. These faults and flaws are of no one else's doing.

If we can become just somewhat aware of them, we begin our healing processes and our search for the small still Voice within, without going through the long arduous process of working anything out.

This can help ease some of the pains of life...

This can help us to become more aware of the consciousness of the Voice within.

It is only then that the living emotional dilemmas are seen as meaningless, non-relevant and non-productive. And only then, we are free from self-deceit and our sleep in the "mass-mind consciousness."

And we are then awakened to the God-Consciousness.


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Mark Earlix is a nationally known teacher, healer-intuitive, author and ordained priest. Using his gift of healing he has helped or taught thousands of people over the past 40 years how to transform their lives.

During this time he has continued to study and was initiated into two Gnostic schools. He says his gift of healing is available to all and he teaches or uses his unique techniques in experiential workshops, his writing. and individual appointments.

Mark has appeared on numerous TV and radio stations across the country and has been on the Board of Directors for the Mind, Body, and Spirit Foundation. He has presented nationally at such organizations as Whole Life Expo, Association for Research and Enlightenment, Mind Body Spirit Conference, Unity Churches, The Himalayan Institute, Whole Health Expos, R.C.P. Relapse Prevention Center, B’nai B’rith, Infinity Foundation, Borders Books, and Barnes and Noble.

Mark currently resides in Nashville, TN. He teaches his healing techniques thru his Apprenticeship Program. Mark continues to see clients in the Nashville area at the Center of Symmetry and also works with people in phone sessions.

Mark has published Awaken the Healer Within (a guide to self-awareness and spiritual healing empowerment) and Take My Life (Uncommon Guidance for Everyday Life). His first book, Creator, The Revelation of Healing Yourself and Others is no longer in print. Mark also has two meditations CD's produced in alliance with Nightingale Conant and three spiritual exercise CD's. He is finishing his third book Intuition that should be published in 2012.

E-Mail: MarkEarlix@aol.com