Healing is an experiential process of knowing and accepting. Healing is experiential in the sense that we will know through our inner guidance whether it is our place or not to place our hands on are near someone and then be able to accept the healing has happened… as we watch within ourselves ...Healing is an experiential process of knowing and accepting. Healing is experiential in the sense that we will know through our inner guidance whether it is our place or not to place our hands on are near someone and then be able to accept the healing has happened… as we watch within ourselves the other change from within.

An older pattern may be washed away and the afflictions may be healed.

These afflictions that are caused by a pattern may be made aware with the person we are working on (or ourselves), by momentarily showing them the cause through instant awareness. Then they also will be in a place of knowing and accepting too. This observation skill will then take command of the affliction.

As we give, so we receive.

In healing, we are creating a causal moment into focus of power, force and energy. This is the same attempt that scientists have done to manipulate a release of a affects from the energy and consciousness of the atom.

This is also true for the Art of Healing as well. This is why we have to let go and let God do it… not being in the way at all. But, for ourselves, we did nothing except to get in the way by our thinking.

We create the adverse reaction, the resistance in our lives.

It is imperative that our minds must be clear without resistance and judgment, and this means that there are no issues or problems in the way, no dramas or traumas. This is why we must be objective, even without fear of death and without the prejudice. Then the radiation of the mind will Illumine in what is needed in the other person that we're working with... Only through selflessness. All of this is no different then the atom that releases energy.

Everything is related to energy. There isn't anything that isn't composed of an energetic nature. Even our thoughts have it and have created a manifestation from a causal moment of the chaotic non-linear thoughts within the mind.
We are creators. We are all part of the universal substance. And in the act of this conscious awareness, the consciousness provides us with the basis for unity, stewardship, co-creatorship and livingness on this planet.

Metaphysically, when we finally begin to let go of ourselves, we find that we are attracted to others similar to ourselves and similar to those that seek our help and assistance in remembering who we are. Just as our minds come together as we are now, and we can now come together into the process of helping each other become more empowered within a greater consciousness. We are here to become more Self realized in finding out just a little more of our Divinity within and Its potential within.

Healing is a piece of our natural ability, and thinking correctly about healing can catapult us into a reality of knowing and excepting as we become more seriously involved with it.

Healing is a power, force and energy that we naturally carry within which has dynamic results and repercussions that cannot be dismissed. But, we must first be clear in our mind. Being clear in the mind is accomplished through what we want to know and except of what we want in the world around us and in our life.

Healing is our experience in learning to Know and Accept.

Sincerely in the love and the grace of God,

Mark Earlix

Author's Bio: 

Mark Earlix is a healer by the grace of God and is realized in the Art Of Healing as well as other gifts. For over 41 years Mark has been working with the gift of healing to help thousands of people in the United States and around the world. He utilizes a specific and unique form of healing which may be new to you. Healing may happen through the form of a suggestion, a word, the touch of the hand, non-touch or absentee prayer. Everyone and every situation is unique unto itself. Since healing occurs in the cellular consciousness of the physical, emotional and mental bodies, it involves no physical discomfort. Though the first time working with Mark you may experience an exacerbation of the symptomology for up to 24 hours, with most, the distress will probably be gone after that. Healing may take place instantaneously, within minutes, days or after several sessions. Mark allows the light of God to work through him as he calls upon prayer within himself. Some people may feel varying amounts of energy, vibration, static, heat or cold air moving through them, their bones shifting or experiences or an emotional catharsis. Healing that occurs is based upon the unique needs of each individual.

Mark works well with painful situations, disease states and emotionally destructive behavior patterns. While he is accustomed to working with people in person through prayer, Mark can also work with others who are not physically present through absentee healing.

Mark teaches and conducts lectures, workshops and seminars across the United States. In addition he has developed several Advanced Workshops based upon the main seminar series including Christic Healing, Meditation, Intuitional Living, Karma, Angels, events focusing in on aspects of spirituality and origins of disease.

In 2003, for the first time, Mark has offered, “Enlightenment.” In this Two and One-half Day Event, participants are taken through the Mystical Initiation of Illumination. The Light within will be shown to those that willingly give their heart to God… the Creator of all.

For smaller and larger groups of like minded peoples that are searching for the Godliness within, Mark also will fulfill workshops for those that would like to sponsor him from the various parts of the United States.

Mark has recently completed the 2nd Edition of his book entitled "Creator", a completed guide to Self enlightenment and spiritual empowerment. Mark's teachings provide the Spiritual Wisdom and philosophical background to let go and to help heal the memories the create illness and disease. Mark resides in Nashville,TN.
In easy-to-understand language, Mark leads readers through lecture and a series of Emotional, Spiritual, and Meditative Exercises that are necessary precursor to his lessons on awaking our inherent ability to Heal not only ourselves but others as well. Through Mark's nationwide seminars, speaking events, healing circles and classes, Earlix has taught thousands of people to see and understand Light. He has helped thousands to understand the Living Consciousness that dwells within us... Mark has helped others to heal their selves of physiological and emotional dilemma, and to reduce and eventually integrate the physiological and emotional pain that we live in. Mark helps us to bring this pain into our wisdom and a more perfected livingness.