Everything that we go through in our lives is meaningful. Everything we have experienced is important, though not everything is necessarily there to do homage to or dwell upon nor to try to work it out again and again...
Until we finally give up to the next dilemma.

What is needed will ...Everything that we go through in our lives is meaningful. Everything we have experienced is important, though not everything is necessarily there to do homage to or dwell upon nor to try to work it out again and again...
Until we finally give up to the next dilemma.

What is needed will automatically and always reflect into who we are, what we are and why we are today, and act accordingly from all that comes forth from us, only if we can limit our pre-planed responses from thinking destructively and learn to rely on trust from our Self within to bring forth the memories and non-personal visuals with Its explanation... We are then learning to listen deeply within ourselves. Otherwise, we are continually in the way with our justifications and reasoning’s that we have done all of our life.

There are moments in life that we find ourselves in an event that is awkward or embarrassing. These are the events, any event that we put ourselves into or find ourselves in at any given moment that we can not and dare not express to others. But as we have to face the situation within, we squirm in discomfort and grind our teeth that even others can not hear or even see us as our jaws clench in abomination of our self... of even having to face a piece of our self,
or allowing our self to be put in this situation of discomfort in the first place…

And everyday there are momentary and conscious moments that we totally refuse to and dare not try to remember of what we have done in our pasts or have been put through by others. And there are some of us that choose not to know the reason of how, why or that anything has happened to us at all.

Events are remembered as they float to the surface from the subconscious to the more conscious.

Consciously we choose to keep these knowings subconscious and deeply buried within. Maybe, consciously the memories aren’t pleasant and we are afraid.

Remembrances are there as representations, conversations and demonstrations of what we have experienced and similar to what we are currently and similarly going through on a various levels of consciousness at any given moment. This is an evolution of understanding at any given moment. We go through these experiences by Soul, Self-created patterns again and again... until there is wisdom.

All the events of our lives will constantly reoccur time after time until the day arrives that we slip through into another realm of another consciousness and what we call “The Final Death” and only then to return again so that we maybe able to understand our Rebirth of Self… of all that we have and are brought forth into for attempted Self Realization.

We can reflect on the moments to become more conscious of the experiences and situations from the earlier times in our lives.

The most wonderful secret of this concept is; once we can focus in on these experiences and remembrances in time, we can also force ourselves to focus in on them even more so. We can wonder about the visuals we see in our mind thru the act of contemplation, and in its true understanding.

We have an ability to work at and learn this type of focus. Initially, we might feel most uncomfortable as we do this... and at times we would even wish that we could crawl out of our skin as we initiate the remembrances.

It is natural to feel that we must initially find an emergent need to think of something else to avoid the regrets and fears that well-up within us.

As the thoughts quickly come back to "mind," now is the time to ponder this impersonally… just through observation of our thinking… this is contemplation.

There is no room for an emotional avoidance or taking it personal which is our initial response. As we do become emotional or personal, we are purposely living in the past and being chained to it in trying to re-live our pasts and reinforcing the patterns that dwell within our lives that will always re-create until we finally do understand.

Through being impersonal, we can realize that everything is truly important until it is realized from experience and brought into wisdom.

God Bless You In Its Wisdom And Its Love,

Mark Earlix http://www.healerMarkEarlix.net

Author's Bio: 

Mark Earlix is a nationally known teacher, healer-intuitive, author and ordained priest. Using his gift of healing he has helped or taught thousands of people over the past 40 years how to transform their lives.

During this time he has continued to study and was initiated into two Gnostic schools. He says his gift of healing is available to all and he teaches or uses his unique techniques in experiential workshops, his writing. and individual appointments.

Mark has appeared on numerous TV and radio stations across the country and has been on the Board of Directors for the Mind, Body, and Spirit Foundation. He has presented nationally at such organizations as Whole Life Expo, Association for Research and Enlightenment, Mind Body Spirit Conference, Unity Churches, The Himalayan Institute, Whole Health Expos, R.C.P. Relapse Prevention Center, B’nai B’rith, Infinity Foundation, Borders Books, and Barnes and Noble.

Mark currently resides in Nashville, TN. He teaches his healing techniques thru his Apprenticeship Program. Mark continues to see clients in the Nashville area at the Center of Symmetry and also works with people in phone sessions.

Mark has published Awaken the Healer Within (a guide to self-awareness and spiritual healing empowerment) and Take My Life (Uncommon Guidance for Everyday Life). His first book, Creator, The Revelation of Healing Yourself and Others is no longer in print. Mark also has two meditations CD's produced in alliance with Nightingale Conant and three spiritual exercise CD's. He is finishing his third book Intuition that should be published in 2012.