Attention Small to Mid-sized Business owners and Entrepreneurs!!!!

Whether you are a manufacturer, crafter, service provider or a successful brick and mortar store owner, you may have noticed that traditional advertising is not producing results like it used to. We understand that running a small business keeps you VERY busy. We understand you don't have the time or patience to learn a whole way to do business. But, we also
understand that you need to be online...

Your traditional advertising audience has moved on to the internet, and you must follow. This can be overwhelming or it can be simple. We have made it simple........

The first tool we have to offer you is the Design Modulator. If you have ever taken a shot at making your own banners or had some made for you, I am sure you have found some or all of the following to be true:

*The ads you can build for free are cheap, tacky and unprofessional and do not represent your business properly.

*The cost of a graphic artist creating banners for you is too high.

*The tools that allow you to build quality banners for use on the web,limit you to using them only on THAT network, or you must "purchase" your creations at a cost of up to $1000.00. If you cannot use them where you want, when you want, how are they "your banners?"

We offer a tool that helps you quickly and easily create an unlimited number of High Quality, professional banners and ads that you can use anywhere.
Upload them to your computer, you own them.

For those who sign up before June 15th, we are adding additional tools for your use starting Next month. You will have access to all of these tools at no additional charge as long as you are a member. Membership is $29.95/month.

Coming soon to our membership:

Build a website with shopping cart in an hour.... This is a great, easy , simple, tool you can use to build a product or service website. It is especially handy for building additional websites for a specialty product or service or a seasonal offer. Free to our members.

Author's Bio: 

For the past 5 years I have been working as an independent marketing consultant. I have worked online on the Publishers side and the Advertisers side. Specializing in New business development, new product launches and start-ups, I thrive on the challenge of learning and entering a new market.

As a mother of two, and a small business owner, I find I get the most joy out of helping small businesses succeed on the net. Recently, I took a New business Development position with a local Maine company because I feel they offer solutions that can help small mom and pop shops, brick and mortar stores and entrepreneurs successfully market themselves online. We just launched our design modulator... coming soon is a site where you can build a complete web site with shopping cart in a matter of hours, and a pay per click tool that will help beginners participate successfully saving them lots of time and money....more tools to come.