Greetings my dear on this auspicious day. At this particular time, particularly this day, the energies which transpire to move humanity forward, is in the correct alignment for those who have attained a level of spiritual awareness. The energy grids vibrational frequencies have been raised and will continue to increase over the next six months, and it is important that those who are embracing these energies move themselves towards being a vessel of peace. It is a time to deny the ego its wants and needs. For you will find over the next six months, others will wish to argue, to try and prove themselves to you, that their beliefs, values and ways of life are the right way.

Do not allow ego to control you, for over the next six months, if you truly wish to leave current experiences behind, you must become a vessel of peace and harmony. Recognise, that there is no need to shout your beliefs or thoughts to anyone, all you need to do, is live in quiet harmony, assured that you are moving towards ascension and therefore are not required to participate in a fight to dominate or rule anything or anyone else.

As an initiate into our order, you will be required to shine your light more so now than ever before. It is important that you increase your teachings, to all those who will listen. You will not have a need to attract these beings, for they will be drawn to your energies, like bees are drawn to the pollen within a flower.

Humanities physical reality is changing, what existed yesterday no longer applies to the energies that are being directed to the world, so that human consciousness is awakening to the cosmic energies. All the energy portals and star gates are programmed within your consciousness. Those who are developing and wishing to embrace, grow and experience more spiritual enlightenment have already received within their physical, etheric and astral bodies the components required to help them achieve enlightenment. They have absorbed the frequencies and you are now ready to help them through the process.

It is important, that those on this ascension path must embrace peace, harmony and the simple ways of life. No frills, no material gadgets, no need for recognition for what you have or who you are.

Humanity has to awaken to the fact that it has been brainwashed into thinking it has to have a house full of useless junk to be a part of life. I am sorry but there is no other way to put this, but many are living in a refuse tip not a home. Simplify your lives, how many drawers do you have stuffed with ‘stuff’ that you never use from one day to the next? Many humans are similar to drug addicts, for they are addicted to complicating their life with material attachments without knowing they are addicts.

Embrace your authenticity, keep your life simple, step away from materialism, the energies that are now being directed to your planet are helping humans to awaken to who they truly are. Many people around you will change, you may find that you no longer have anything in common with them, if you are lucky they may begin to realise the need to break down and away from their current reality of life. This year, there will be a distinct break away from what many humans believe is ‘reality’. Only by experiencing the depths, can they awaken and rise to new heights.

Poverty, disease, great variances of weather, political unrest, and spiritual unrest will all have to be experienced. Therefore, if you simplify your lives, you will have less to affect you. Everything that has serves to glamorise and pander to the ego will be destroyed. Do not fear these changes; do not resist these changes, for these changes bring you true enlightenment and fulfilment.

Some of you will need to distance yourself from people or things, that you were once close to. Therefore practise non-attachment. Recognise if you are choosing to be a victim of your circumstances and break away. If you simplify your living, you will not have the need to work in a place, doing something you hate anymore. If you honour your feelings, you will not have to stay locked in relationships that stifle the very heart and soul out of you. Be prepared dear ones, for the changes that are coming are vast, quick and permanent. Teach your children that simplicity and authenticity are the only ways of living in reality.

Awaken to the amount of poison you are all being fed, not just in your food and beverages, but by subtle marketing companies and the governments of this world that tell you, you are not a worthy person unless you have the latest gizmo they are trying to sell you. Look at those people around you, who feel that they have to dress minimalist to be ‘sexy, attractive, and acceptable’. Look at how your children feel that they aren’t someone, unless they are a celebrity and they have all the materialistic trappings that they need to say ‘I AM SOMEONE’.

Break free from your prisons of materialism. Allow yourself to breathe freely, and embrace a natural, simple and easy lifestyle. Learn to recycle, if you have read your books, pass them on share the knowledge or donate them to charity. If your home is filled with objects that just collect dust, get rid of them. I guarantee you, you will find yourself much more happier and at peace. Learn not to harbour anything, be it food, clothes, shoes, books, paper, toys, collection items, whatever it is that you have frittered your money away on and awaken to peace and harmony.

Life is about choices, and sometimes, one has to choose to let something go, the main reason why so many humans do not have happiness, is because they are not willing to change or let go of the very thing that keeps them locked into what they perceive as reality. If those around you are unsure, get them to lock away for six months, their excesses. Clear the home for just six months, live simple, and see if they miss the very things they have locked away, or in reality, even realise they are gone.

Very few humans are masters of their own life. Many are slaves to their possessions and what they ‘perceive’ as life, they are not willing to transform, they are not willing to change. Humankind is on a pathway to destruction, only a small percentage of the whole human race are working towards mastering life and breaking free so they can ascend. Those who read your written works, or hear your words and choose to listen to your teachings are those who have awakened and have chosen to move onto the next dimension.

No longer can spiritual light-workers play the victim to their circumstances. Many have experienced many hardships and difficulties, but recognise that it is these difficulties that has encouraged your soul, you, to overcome and break free of the conditions you have found yourself in. Now more than ever before, you will recognise those who are not of the same energies as you. What is wonderful is, that you will no longer be affected by these people. We know you have gone through many intensive challenges but you are now ready to embrace and teach, what the order of Melchizedek is really about. The trials you have gone through, you and Glenn have graduated with honours, we ask you to sit down and look at how you can ‘simplify’ your lives. Does this mean you can’t have fun, definitely not, it means you can have more fun, more of what you want, so long as it is in alignment with your true authentic souls desire.

Those who are receiving this message are already moving forward, there is nothing more they need to do, but recognise this next six months, their ego will do whatever it can, to try and get you to return back to materialism and third dimensional reality.

It is time to discover who you are, acknowledge who are you and what you are not. Once you have done this, accept it and move on, in harmony and balance. Find and live your passion for life. All those who do not accept you, all those who ridicule or feel the need to point out aspects of you that they feel are not acceptable, let them go. Wipe your feet dear ones and move on. The energies that are surrounding you now, are working to help you stand up for yourself, no more must you compromise who are you and the power that lies within you.

If you do not fit into the rules and regulations of third dimensional reality, then ‘celebrate’ for you are well on your way to ascension and nirvana. Move on with poise, speak your truth without anger, without judgement and with love so that others can choose to walk along the same pathway as you, or take a different direction.

Be prepared to be different, be prepared to be yourself, no longer allow yourself to not say what you feel, for fear of being confrontational. No longer allow someone else to close the door on an aspect of who you truly are. As long as you are not vicious, mean or purposefully intent on harming another, you are walking in the light and being the light that you were meant to be.

The divide and differences between those who are ascending and those who remain to stay blind is widening, so now more than ever before it is essential that you remain to be a beacon of light, the words of wisdom and the helping hand that saves those who wish to be saved along the way.

If your light shines brightly enough for the right reasons, others will come, others will want to join you, they will not necessarily know why they want to be with you, or why they feel the need to understand and be a part of the world you are creating, but they will come, they will come from far and wide.

Over the next six months many will feel lost, help them to understand why they are feeling more unfulfilled than ever before. Allow them to spend time with you, do not preach to them, but tell them of the changes that are to come and how they can change their lives, then, let them decide if they want to find fulfilment, happiness and peace.

You are held within the order, eternal light is yours, use it wisely, use it well and continue your service to humankind.
Blessed be

Author's Bio: 

It took an encounter with the Angel of Death ‘Archangel Azrael’; for Jill Harrison to acknowledge her destiny:- teaching people how to communicate with angels, and helping them re-balance their lives.

Jill suffered from abuse as a child; and also in a very physical and mentally abusive marriage. She avoided talking about her angelic and psychic experiences, so people wouldn’t think she was crazy. Jill felt that ‘fitting in’ was more important than speaking out; ‘until’ her encounter with Archangel Azrael.

Jill has seen, heard and felt spirit since birth. Born a fourth generation psychic, becoming a professional psychic in 1977, she now channels Archangels, to assist people around the world, to re-balance their lives and find happiness, enlightenment and fulfillment.

Jill published her first book, ‘Cashing in on God’ with her husband Glenn. You can learn all about the world of Archangels at and her continuing series of books, ‘Conversations with Angels’.