Well what a run the law of attraction is having and I hear on the grapevine that there is a second wave due later this year that builds on the concepts already in the market place. The down side is that it is quite likely to be just a commercial grab to bring in more money for the get rich quick sections of our society before they move on to the next fad.

It was therefore with some interest that I became aware of a hidden process that was already in place to assist those of us with a real interest in improving our lot in life by applying The Law of Attraction. What, I here you ask is this assistance product ? It’s a series of Audio CD’s being marketed via the internet. called Brainwave Entrainment Audios

They have been designed around the latest developments from brainwave research in the United States. The key function of the audio CD’s is to get your brain stimulated and ready to absorb information and to provide a clear and logical review of new information being presented to you following a preparation period.

It is stated that the best results are achieved if you can do some pre planning via doing some basic relaxation techniques to get you into the proper mood. For example, if you are sitting, do not cross your legs or arms. Sit upright, not slouching. Try slow deep breathing – concentrating on each breath. Do this for about 5 minutes. During this relaxation time, try to empty your mind and focus your attention on the blackness you see with your eyes closed and the quietness of the room you are in.

After the short relaxing period you begin playing the audio CD at a moderate volume. Choose the room you use carefully, as you should be able to hear all the tones well but the sound shouldn’t be so loud as to be overbearing. As you listen to the CD you need to concentrate on the repetitive beat frequencies and think about nothing else. Let your mind drift while focusing on the tones.

Here are some of the benefits that are being put forward by regular users that have purchased and listened to the CD’s for at least two hours a day;

1. Enhance memory capability
2. Boost mental absorbency
3. Grow intellectual stamina
4. Strengthen thought power
5. Sharpen mental acuity
6. Accelerate overall intelligence
7. Enhance your learning ability
8. Learn to concentrate better
9. Enhance you brain energy
10. Improve your mood
11. Enhance your ability to focus
12. Enhance your mental alertness

And much, much more

I have listened to the first of the 5 CD set and must say they do seem to have a reaction on my mental ability . I sure felt sharper for longer into the day.. So I leave it to you to discover how to unleash the true power of your mind and achieve a level of success you never thought possible with this new technology available off the web.

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Ken Triat has a master’s degree in Business Administration. Currently reviewing personal development centered around the power of the mind using the Law of Attraction.
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