YOU are the ONE

The #1 excuse or fear I hear the most from speakers is, "Who am I to speak to this group of people? I'm nobody special."

Ok, I know email is not the easiest way to pump you up and
give you a motivational shot in the arm, but I'm going to
give it my best.

First, you are the one to speak if you WANT to be.

Every professional speaker began at level none. But they did one thing: They decided. They decided to be the one. One daythey told themselves, "I am going to be an expert in..."

And they did it.

You can be an expert for a day if you want. Be THE ONE for
the subject wherever you speak. Study it. Absorb it.

Make a decision that you will be THE ONE who should give
the message of your heart...or the message you were

Second, you are unique.

There is no other you. Now then, that sounds like a cliché, but it's not. The way you view life. The way you drink life. They way you engage life. The way you laugh life. The way you scream life. The way you dream life. The way you sip life. The way you smell life. No one does it like you.

The pros rely on their personal experiences to add credibility to their messages. What makes this acceptable is the fact that they deliver value through their lives.

You can too.

You have valuable experiences to share that can help others
learn, stretch, and grow.

Let me tell you one of my many stories very briefly.

Eight years ago my wife died unexpectedly. She was
twenty-seven. I was twenty-five. Our son, Sam, was
only five weeks old. Her death occurred right in
front of me.

Am I the first young husband and father to have such a
tragedy? No. But MY experience can only be told by me.

I have taken that experience and shared it with thousands
upon thousands. You would not believe all the ways this story can help people in a variety of businesses. Because of the great service I received from the funeral home and my life insurance company I can share what they did right with thousands of industries.

But that's not all.

I can also share with organizations who want to teach their people to enjoy each moment and not take life for granted.

It would be easy to limit myself to one market, or one
topic. But I don't have too.

You might be thinking. "Nothing like that has happened to me." I hope not. But you don't need a triumph or a tragedy to be the ONE, just be you!

Be YOUnique!

YOU are the one they asked to speak for the group.

YOU are the one with the message.

YOU are the one with the experiences.

YOU are the one who prepared.

YOU are the one who no one else is like.

YOU are the one who can deliver value only the way YOU can.

Your Public Speaking Coach,

Paul Evans

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