The root of all unhappiness is disconnection from self and from others. Human beings are wired for connection. When we are connected, we are wild with joy. We are filled with spiritual juice and life works magically.

If you want more connection to yourself and to others, try practicing self-expression and communication. These are the avenues through which we get connected. They are different paths for different stages of spiritual growth. Each is important to human health and happiness.

Let’s make a distinction between self-expression and communication. Self-expression is something you do for yourself. To express yourself is to move your inner reality of thoughts and feelings into the outer world. Never mind what anyone else thinks or feels. It is purely to get what is inside of you out. You can self-express as an art form, for release of inner tension, or just for fun.

Communication on the other hand is expression of inner thoughts and feelings that takes into consideration other people’s thoughts and feelings. So, communication is something you do with and for others. In communication you are concerned about your relationship with others.

When you are working on increasing your health and happiness, you can integrate self-expression and communication as part of your journey of spiritual growth. Self-expression opens up your creativity and connects you to your passion. Through self-expression, you identify who you are as an individual and what your talents are. You learn to love yourself. Once you know these things, your next challenge is to give your gifts to others to make a difference.

At this stage of growth, communication becomes important. Communication allows you to connect to others so you expand your field of influence. Because you need others to align with you and support your vision, communication requires that you learn to express yourself in a way that others can understand you and receive your message. It requires love of others.

Wherever you are in your growth process, the next step is always about more connection. If you want more connection to yourself, seek out activities that allow you more self-expression, such as acting, singing, dancing, etc. You will open such joy and zest for living. If you want to make more connection with others, practice communication skills that let you share your authentic self and at the same time respect the thoughts and feelings of others. Deliver your message with love. Your life will blossom with rewarding relationships and your pockets will overflow with riches.

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Sandra Zimmer is the Director and Founder of The Self-Expression Center. The Center is committed to supporting people to become more comfortable and confident being authentic when they present, perform, or communicate so that they can give their gifts to the world. Write to her with questions or comments at 11221 Richmond Ave., Suite C-104, Houston, TX 77082, via e-mail at, or visit her website at Call (281) 293-7070.